Road Trip

Natalie's starting to make some new faces/expressions at us these days and I think she's found herself a best friend.

I have a feeling her and Bogey are going to be TROUBLE!

The two of us are going home to KY for the first time to meet everyone. I hope and pray she sleeps most of the way...I'm a little nervous.

Getting ready to hit the road.

See y'all in about 6 hours :)



So I just realized I never posted any pictures of Natalie's room. It's my favorite room in the house. Thanks to Byron for helping me with the wallpaper and helping Nathan with the chair rail. Two things I'll never ask either of them to do again. :) And to Sue for making all the bedding, hamper, changing pad covers, etc...

I hope she likes it because I sure do!

From the doorway

Half her closet, changing table and dresser.


My Little Valentine

Not only was yesterday Natalie's 1 month birthday but it was Valentines Day. Which means photo shoot with mom in her V-Day outfit :) Byron and I enjoyed a fondue dinner at home after she went to sleep.
Happy Valentines Day!