My New Addiction

Instagram, it's my newest social media addiction. I can snap a picture with the iPad and instantly share it on Facebook. It might even be enough to push me into getting a smart phone....maybe.


Pool Time

Nat: "Mom, when it gets sunny and warmer, we get out that big blue thing?"
Me: "Nat it's to cold for that and windy. You'll freeze."
Nat: "No I won't, the sun is out. I promise. Let me go get my 'kini. Okay?"
Me: "Fine but don't come running to me when your freezing your booty off."

Sometimes you just got to let them figure it out on their own.

She got in, goosebumps and all. Not all the way and as the day went on the water did warm up some. Even the neighbor kids came over to play in it and I'm pretty sure Mulligan got a bath out of the deal too.

Once that fun wore off, away they went looking for lizards. Which are abundant at our house right now. We've got green ones, brown ones. striped ones with blue tails that fall off. I mean, it's hours of fun for the whole neighborhood!


All about Harper - 9 Months

Ok so I"m a little late and playing catch-up but here we go:

At 9 months you weighed about 18lbs and were 27inches. I think I may start calling you my little peanut. So far you weight has been about the same as Nat's but I think you may be a little more on the average side for height, still tall, just more proportionate.

You finally starting crawling at about 9 months, 1 week. I kid you not, I was telling the neighbors how I wished you would crawl because you are dying to move around and what do ya know? Two days later you had mastered it. You still prefer standing and you can pull up on some things (me especially) really well.

You will eat just about anything. Seriously there isn't anything I have put on your plate that you haven't inhaled. Which is good because we don't allow picky eaters in this house :) What I also find funny (and just like your sister) is when I put a veggie, fruit and meat on your tray, you 9 times out 10 will eat the meat first. True Bryant right there, it makes your Daddy proud.

The messes you make while eating are for the record books. I actually thought you had bruised yourself the other day but it was a blackberry stain on your neck. The dogs love it. They both eagerly wait under your chair for the moment when I pick you up and all the food falls out. Bogey even licks the tray for me before I stick it in the sink.

You're getting good with the sippy too. Hopefully in another month we can start whole milk and (maybe) get rid of the bottles. You're awesome at hurling your paci out of the crib. Lucky for me you really don't use it all that much. You mainly throw it after you've woken up and are tired of kicking your headboard. You love to play peek-a-boo by pulling the crib bumper down and peeking out the slats.

Oh and you're a snorter when you really get tickled. You love nothing more for me or Byron to hold you upside down and have Natalie tickle your neck. Works every time. We think you prefer Mully over Bogey, which is probably best since Bogey sleeps with Natalie every single night. You still love being outside and the minute I put you on a blanket you pull it up and start playing in the grass. Normally I wouldn't mind and I'd just plop you right down in the middle of the yard but you've started the "I need to taste everything" phase and boy is that annoying.

I think that about covers it. Late afternoons you really test our patience because you're so tired and fussy. You are such a mommy's girl too. I love watching you interact with Natalie, she can really make you laugh and entertain you like no one else can.

I can't wait to see what the summer brings!

Taco soup was a bit hit. I predict you and Nat eating the whole crock pot full some day.

Pop-Ice? Don't mind if I do! I'm still not sure why I chose a red one, silly mommy.

Blackberries are a fav, but boy are they messy. Like eat them naked, outside, and turn on the hose afterwards, messy.


Spring is in the Air

And that means it's time to clean up the yard, but not before we sneak in a bounce house birthday party. I need to take a moment to brag here, but Nat's really good at air hockey. It's probably because she was the only one really trying and paying attention but she beat them both :)

I think little moments like these are so sweet. Who knows what she's telling him but she followed him around that yard all afternoon.

And this one, I don't know what we are going to do with her. She's such a mommy's girl, it's not even funny. I don't get much done when she's awake.I promise she was going in for a kiss in the second picture but I guess she changed her mind.

The Easter Bunny brought Natalie some new sidewalk chalk and this is her Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz (Dr. Seuss's ABC book). I don't even know if I spelled that right...LOL.


Children's Museum Field Trip

Every Spring St. Paul's takes a field trip to the MS Children's Museum. We even took Harper along for the ride this year :)

Some of the highlights included milking a cow, water squirts out which makes Nat squeal every.single.time.
Of course just any old excuse to goof off with your BFF, Anna Claire, is always fun.

Natalie dancing to her own beat, she put on quite a show for the other parents.

Afterwards we were suppose to have a picnic at the museum park but it was really muddy and Harper had not napped. Instead we had one outside on the patio.