Busted Up Sunday

Well Nat managed to face plant into Flannigan and Suzanne's glass coffee table Sunday morning. She was in my lap and when I bent over to grab Dade's crayons she just slipped right off and nailed the corner. She probably could have used a stitch or two, she's definitely going to have a scar and as of this moment could pass for a boxer for Halloween.

The ride home Sunday was brutal for all parties. Between Nat's eye and all that pain, plus two adults who had a little two much fun after the kiddos went to bed we couldn't wait to get home and pass back out. But as usual, Nat had other plans. Seeing the dogs totally changed her attitude. Plus she got some bath tabs from a friend and she had to try those out immediately.

We also got out a goody from one of her birthday bags. I think it was from Jack's birthday party. It was a towel that when placed in water it grew to its full size. These are also some of her new goofy faces by the way.

And just for documentation. This was early Monday before we headed to the Doctor. Not only did she bust her eye the morning before, she also has her first ear infection. Needless to say she did not start school today and we snuggled in bed after we got her prescription filled.


We've Got our Baby Back!

Saturday couldn't get here fast enough. We met my parents in West Memphis to get Nat back and I swear she's grown a foot and her talking has exploded again. I'll thank Kaitlyn for the latter. She came back with twice as many clothes and goodies than when we left her too, but I guess that's what Grandparents are best at :)

We were definitely more excited to see her than she was to see us. It took her about 10 minutes into lunch to ask about Bogey and Mulligan. Luckily we had already decided to meet up with the Clifford's to take the kids to the Memphis Zoo in hopes of distracting her until Sunday.

Sweetest thing that I just have to get down in writing so I won't forget. We are eating Mexican before we head over to the zoo and Nat leans into me and puts her arm around and says "Momma I love you." I got all teary eyed and then Byron says "Well Nat, what about me?" She reaches out her other arm and says "Daddy I can't reach you."

She's been my shadow every since we got her back and I think two weeks was a little long for her as well. She's also been calling Byron, Byron, which doesn't set to well with him..LOL

Now for some zoo pics. This place blows the Jackson Zoo out of the park. It's so much nicer, cleaner and the animals are way more active. Nat was really bummed we missed the Elephants but the Sea Lions more than made up for it.


Long Time No Post

That's what happens when your main reason for blogging goes on vacation for two weeks. Yep we let Nat spend two whole weeks with the Grandparents. NEVER. EVER. AGAIN. And not because she was spoiled rotten and probably got away with murder, but we bored out of our minds. Plus we might have missed her (just a little bit).

Honestly though, I don't know what Byron and I did before Nat. We did go out to a really nice restaurant for our anniversary and to a movie, but other than that we were probably in bed by 9:30 every night just from shear boredom.

Oh well, Nat had a blast. The first week she spent with Nana, Kaitlyn and a few of her Aunts at Ft. Walton Beach. Here's a few pics Marcia snapped.

Patiently waiting to go play at the beach.
Out of all the things Nana could have found at the outlet mall...she gets a tutu :)


Tate Farms

Over the weekend we traveled to Huntsville, AL to visit Heather, Jason and the girls. Nat had been counting down the days to see Kate. She talked to her every night on her pretend cell phone. Every time we stopped on the drive she asked "where's Kate?"

Saturday we took the girls to a pumpkin farm. This place was huge and had so many things for the girls to do we didn't know where to start.

Posing real quick before we turned them loose on the farm. We wore their little butts out in no time.

First stop, the jumping pillow. Sue and I had to get on with them since they literally went bouncing through the air and off the pillow anytime another child jumped near them.

They also had a ton of pets. Natalie really wanted to hold her own rabbit but that wasn't allowed. The girls also got up close and personal with some baby pigs, a goat and some chicks.

They had one rather large slide that Nat wanted to go down until she got to the top, so we had to slide down together, but there were plenty of other smaller slides, combines and a Cotton Jump for Nat to play on.

And then they spotted the train. They both wanted to ride by themselves and it started out ok, but about halfway through Nat was so over this ride. She was screaming to get off and I'm willing to bet that if she could have undone her seat belt she would have and jumped out.

The Corn Crib more than made up for the terrifying train ride. Pretty sure both girls would have stayed here all day jumping off into the corn if PaPaw and Mommy's arms hadn't given out.

Picture this sequence over and over and over and over.....

After jumping was vetoed they took to "swimming" in the corn and making what Byron and I like to call "Redneck Snow Angels".

Last stop was a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Nat naturally tried to pick the biggest pumpkin out there. Kaitlyn didn't really care much for the field and hung back with Nana so PaPaw took Nat out into the field to find the perfect pumpkin.

We all had a great time. We got to meet and snuggle with Kendel for the first time. I had forgotten what it was like to hold a little baby but she was so sweet and just smiled and cooed every time I got my hands on her. Nat didn't seem to mind me holding her but I did hear her tell Nana a few time to "put baby Kendel in swing Nana". Byron and I play second fiddle when grandparents are in the picture so I'm not surprised.