A Visit from Big Daddy & Grammie

My parents came down on Wednesday and stayed through the weekend. They're afraid if they don't see Natalie at least once a month she'll forget who they are. But she knew exactly who they were when they got in Wednesday night. Then her favorite uncle Nate showed up Friday afternoon.

She couldn't wait to show them all her new tricks. Mom says she gets up and around faster than she does! And we think she's even starting to say "mama"

Byron and I went out on a real date Thursday. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Bonefish and then went to see "The Hangover" Natalie of course was spoiled all weekend, and so were we. My parents got up with her every morning and let us sleep in. THANKS! We went to the park, she went skinny dipping in her pool and played so hard she feel asleep in her jumperoo.

She stayed up just late enough Wed. night to play with Big Daddy before bed.

Holding her bottle.

Such a ham for the camera!

Meditating :)

She usually doesn't like the grass, but she finally got use to it. With Bogey's help of course.

This was Natalie's first time in a swing. She was tired from shopping but enjoyed it. She looked so little in the seat. We could have put another baby in there with her. The ground was covered with fresh mulch that she found very interesting.

And who doesn't enjoy a nice cold one after being outside? We think she's starting to teeth and anything cold goes straight to her mouth.

It was sad to see Mom & Dad leave Sunday. Natalie woke up from her nap and kept looking for everyone. Thanks for babysitting and cooking for us all weekend. We enjoyed every minute of it.


Mommy's Little Helper

Sunday mornings is usually my morning to get up early with Natalie. We'll have breakfast, watch some Sprout TV and sometimes we'll play dress up. It was time to go through her closet and see what fit and store what didn't.

She had other plans. She found some old play mats she played with when she was younger (you know 3 months ago). She sat in the corner of the closet almost the whole time while I sorted clothes.

I also tried to fold her laundry but she thought dumping it and crawling in the basket was a better idea. This is one of the 6-9month outfits we tried on. I'm always afraid two piece outfits won't fit because she doesn't have much of butt to hold the pants up. But it fit!

I think she's tired of me taking her picture. That stare look familiar?


A Girl's Best Friend

First off let me say Happy 7 months! Her crawling is getting better and she makes the dadada sound all the time. But Byron says it doesn't count unless she says it directly to him because right now everyone is dada.

Bogey may not know it yet, but Natalie LOVES him! I can already see that these two are going to be the best of friends. I often notice him in her room in the mornings before I go in to get her. He's just sitting there patiently waiting and she's trying her hardest to see him over the bumper, grinning from ear to ear.

I try to capture these moments as often as possible. She's not afraid to get in his face even it means a guaranteed licking.

This is her jamming out with the pot and whisk.

And he's so patient with her. She's all but tried to ride him so far, and he just sits there and takes it. I am very impressed because he's only 2 and he still has a lot of puppy in him.


I Think It's Time to Baby Proof

This weekend we hit another big milestone. Natalie's learned how to sit her self up and crawl. Now the crawling isn't the most sophisticated yet, but she can get to wherever she wants now. I sat her on the floor in her room, walked into bathroom to start her bath and by the time I turned around she was in the hallway! Each day she gets better at it. Bogey is a big motivation because she wants to go wherever he goes.

This is what she was doing when I woke up Sunday. Just wondering if anyone was going to come in and get her.
I made Byron and Nathan lower her crib after I found her peaking up at me. I can just see her flipping out of it trying to get to Bogey.

And as if that wasn't enough, she's even pulling up to things. So don't be surprised if I post next week that she's walking...just kidding. It just amazes how she goes from stationery to mobile in the matter of days.


Trying New Things

While we were at home for the Picnic my cousin Amber let Natalie try one of those Gerber cookies. They kinda resemble a dog treat if you ask me :) Natalie went to town on this thing and made a huge mess, but I thought I'd buy some and try them at home.

I don't think she eats very much of it, most of it ended up on the high chair, but it entertained her long enough for Byron and I to cook dinner. I also got her a mesh feeder. She loves bananas and this way she can eat a real one without choking.

She's also outgrown her infant tub. Well we could still use it if she'd stay put. I had been giving her a bath in the kitchen sink to save my back, but here lately she's been trying to grab at her bottle, the soap dispenser, paper towels...you get the picture.

Luckily, a friend of mine mentioned she had an extra bath ring and if I would pay the shipping it was mine! Now Natalie has the whole tub to splash and play in, and mommy has a little peace of mind and my back is still in tack. The only thing she doesn't like is when her toys float away from her.


Natalie's New RIde

Natalie's been wanting to be more mobile lately, but she hasn't quite figured out how to do that on her own yet. She rocks on her knees then face dives into the carpet.

At daycare the teachers have been putting Natalie in a walker. Ms. Alexis said she took right to it. She "walked" right over to mirrors and started talking to herself. So I came home, did a little research and found the cutest little walker on Amazon. It's made by Chicco and has a DJ station on the top.

I took a few pictures and I have a couple of videos. One she keeps bumping into things and looking at them like "they" should move :) This one she's chasing Nate around the house.

Bogey has no clue what he's in for.


THE Fancy Farm Picnic

This is one tradition that Natalie and I will never miss if I have anything to say about it. I love coming home and seeing everyone, playing bingo and eating some great food. It almost like a homecoming of sorts for those from Fancy Farm.

Friday we watched Karly and Brady run in the little fun run and Levi run in the 5K from Granny's porch. Then Saturday we walked the picnic grounds, played some cornhole and ate some of the best fried chicken, compliments of Brenton and Mike.
The weather was actually on the cool side but at least the rain held off. Natalie had a fun time watching all the other kids and had her first taste of vanilla pudding over at Granny's.
I tried to get a photo in her Picnic T-shirt Granny got her, but it was a little big (2T). But it'll make a good keepsake.