Oh Sunny Day!

What a beautiful day today was. I mean if the wind had not been blowing we would have contemplated turning on the AC. Even though Nat has been under the weather she loved every minute of it. I think she almost forgot what it was like to walk around barefoot!

Nat started her spring cleaning by wiping down her playhouse while I scooped up the yard.
I "think" my little tom-boy might be turning into more a girly girl. She got some dirt on feet and oh lord, she couldn't find a towel to wash them off quick enough. That being said, she still wouldn't wear shoes :)

She even got to practice her golf swing. I may be a tad bias but I think she has a lot of potential, I'm still waiting to see how the patience holds up though before I make any final judgments ;)


Happy Fat Tuesday!

Nat's school had their Mardi Gras parade today and even though it was total chaos with 2, 3 & 4 years olds trying to "march" it was super cute. I'm not the only Mom who went all out on the floats either :) I tried really hard to get a picture of everyone in Nat's class. Only one little boy, Jake, was absent.

Everyone lining up...Lucy, Reece and Natalie.

Reece, Anna Clair, Mary Alice (pink), Lucy, Nicolas and Nat leading the pack.

The ladies of the group (minus Stella). Vivian, Anna Claire, Mary Alice, Natalie, Madeline & Lucy.
How cute are they?!

Adam who is very shy and quiet, much like Nat and Cannon. This child is ALL BOY. I bet if he picked at Nat once he did it a million times. From what I hear he's a little sweet on her and he's one of TWO of Nat's boyfriends.

This is the little girl that Nat talks about being her best friend, Stella. She even wants to name her baby sister this (not going to happen) but this little diva definitely lives up to her name and marches to her own beat!

Mary Alice & Anna Claire

Once Nat and I took our picture all the girls wanted in on the action. 


Gearing Up for Fat Tuesday!

Yes I am THAT Mom. The one that goes way overboard for her 3 year old's Mardi Gras parade at her daycare...and I don't care :) In last month's newsletter it said the kids would put on a Mardi Gras parade at the school. The kids were encouraged to make a small box float. Well from the get go I assumed they meant like a shoe box or something. Um, no. They meant a small box Nat could wear and actually be IN the parade. So I had to rethink my strategy or at least my scale. I bought just about everything for a $1 or less, except for the mask. Those were a kit at Michaels that I bought so Nat could decorate something and say she actually participated in the project.

Supplies consisted of: felt, poster board in yellow, green and purple, mask kit, beads, garters, confetti, gold doubloons, feathers and one heavy duty glue gun.

First step, cut a hole in the box and cover the outside. I tried to make the felt look pleated, added the poster board and used the garter belts as trim to cover up my mistakes.
For the back I used the poster board to make a harlequin pattern because I ran out of ideas and it was easy to do.
After many hours of cutting, burning my fingers with glue, here is the finished product.  I found some gold tinsel at the Dollar Store for $.25! And that is what she'll use to keep it on her shoulders when she wears it.


My Sweet Valentine

Nat's school was having a 50s dance for their Valentine party this year and all the kids were encouraged to dress up in their best 50s attire. And thanks to Sue, Nat had one of the cutest outfits there! A pink poodle skirt (of course) with matching t shirt. She thought she was hot stuff struttin' up to her classroom this morning.

These were the best pics I could get since we was entranced by Monsters Inc this morning. I didn't stick around for the party for two reasons 1)Nat does better when I'm not around and 2)We found out we were having another GIRL today! Yes that's right, more pink sparkles in our future.


Not Everything is Pink & Sparkles

With all the pink I've been posting about lately let me just take some time to share with you a couple stories that show a different side to Natalie. A side that most don't get to see unless they spend an extended period of time with her. Yes I know she will KILL me someday for these but I don't care. They are to funny not to share.

1: Have you seen the movie Elf? Especially the part where he drinks a 2 liter of Coke and then burps to the high heavens... well here is Nat's interpretation. She'll burp crazy loud, especially for a 3 year old, and look you straight in the face and say "Did you hear that?"  Then get this little smirky grin on her face before she whispers "excuse me."

2. The other night she came up to Byron and said "watch this." Then preceded to toot on cue right next to him. I could not make this up if I had to. I thought we were going to fall off the couch laughing so hard.

3. We were eating Mexican the other night and I had ordered Nat a soft shell taco but they brought out a hard shell instead. Nat knew something was off because she just stared at it and I kindly asked the waitress to bring us the soft one. Well not 2 seconds after she walked back with the hard shell Nat looks at us and said "that sucks!"  I even asked her what she said and she repeated it again, typical Sholar I guess.  Again we didn't know if we should correct her or just silently giggle to each other.


Getting A Jump on Valentines

Another Pinterest find, I decided Nat and I would make these Valentines for her class party this year. They were really easy to make, fairly cheap and gave us a chance to do something creative together. Stickers and suckers from the dollar store, scrapbook paper and a printer is all you need. The eyeball stickers did come from Michales, $.99 but well worth it. Trying to glue on googly eyes would have been a total pain.

I printed and cut out all the butterflies and once Nat got home she got to put on the stickers.


Pinterest Projects

Hi my name is Julia and I'm addicted to Pinterest :) I was a little hesitant at first to jump on this new trend but it really is a godsend for a crafty momma like myself who otherwise would have hundreds of bookmarks clogging up my computer.

So here are some crafty things I have found on there and recreated. I'll try and post links to all projects. Oh and forever who asked the kitchen Nat got for her birthday is made by KidKraft. We bought ours at Walmart but you can find them just about anywhere. I got the mixer and cookie sets off Amazon for free using Swag Bucks.

First up a gift I made for the Grandparents this past September. I got all the supplies at Michaels and combined the pictures on 2 4x6 photos and printed those at Walgreens. Here was my inspiration.
Next up was a few gifts for a friend of mine that is a huge Razorback fan. Wooden letters, scrapbook paper and some good ol' mod podge. This is where I came up with the idea, I just didn't want to do a Halloween theme.
One of my all favs was a canvas I made for Brandii. Idea was from etsy. Canvas, paint and ribbon from Michaels. This one took a bit longer because you have to do it in layers but I really enjoyed it.