An Official Kindergartner

It's official, Natalie has been promoted to Kindy! They had a sweet little program this morning at the church. They played the hand-bells, sang and received their certificates. Now she's off on a Daddy-daughter date to eat Mexican and watch Maleficent.





Splash Pad Sunday

Sunday marked our first trip to the Splash Pad. I promised Natalie if she stayed with Byron Saturday to help with Harper, I'd take them. She was up buggin'  the fire out of me before Nate and Lynnley even left...  And Harper, she enjoyed  EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE. She was hesitant for about .2 seconds before she became Nat's shadow the rest of the afternoon. 

Yes, she tried to drink it.


Of course they both ate their weight in icee pops and flavor ice as they dried off.


Harper's First Haircut

Not to be left out Wednesday, Harper got her first haircut too. She did rather well, better than I had anticipated. Natalie snapped pics while she got her new 'do. She took at least 3 inches off but when those curls kink up it  looks like a  lot more.
BEFORE:  And this isn't a true pic of the length.  In the tub, fully soaked, it's much longer.

 Here we go!


A Few Inches

That's all I thought Nat was going to want to cut off her hair, not so much. Terri asked her how much she wanted gone and she pointed to her chin. She did this last time too but I made her go shoulder length. This time after asking at least 3 times I gave her the green light. It really will be a lot easier when she's swimming everyday at the Y but there's not any left for a ponytail, at least not for a month or so until it grows back.


Time Flies

Pre-graduation photos: A little glimpse into our furture, 13 years from now :) I'm a little sad and excited for my big girl. 5 years has flown by that's for sure! Class of 2027 (IF my math is correct..lol).


Muffins with Mom

I was spoiled all weekend by Byron, Nat and Harper :) Happy Mother's Day!


A Girl and Her Dog

Right in the middle of a photo shoot and we had to take a break to get some lovin' from Bog Bog.


Our Week According to Instagram

A quick glance of our week. Mexican food, a trip to Lowes and just random silliness.