Road Trip

When Byron's away, the girls will play :) Or at least take a road trip up to Memphis to hang with the Clifford's. Byron and Flannigan had a little bachelor party weekend for their friend Dave and instead of staying home all weekend over the holiday I took the girls to see Dade & Willow, while Suzanne and I made good use of the blender.

Trying to get the 4 of them (6, 5, 2 & 1) to sit still and/or near each other was never going to happen. But I managed a few phone pics.

We kept it low key. A pool, sprinkler, Popsicles and lazy mornings in pjs.

Harper found Willows Cubs hat. Being avid Cardinal fans, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt just this one time. This is her attempt at a thumbs down, stinky face. Byron was less than impressed when he received this in a text.

Dade, being the boy that he is, had to go "adjust" the sprinkler just right until he managed to squirt all the girls.

And this is how the Bryant girls eat at a Mexican restaurant. Not really, the girls usually split a bean burrito plate but the guy messed up our order and brought 2. Oh well, we had plenty of leftovers to eat once we finally got home.

And this child, sometimes I have no words. It's like a 3-ring circus these days when we all pile into a bathroom. Every once in a while I still have to help Nat, no biggie, but I look around and this one is mooning us and yelling "look at my booty"! 


End of Year Luau

Natalie's teacher sent me a picture of the whole class on their last day Luau.

Last Day of Kindy

Natalie's first year of school is officially over. She popped right out of bed and got dressed so easily this morning, one might think she was looking forward to it :)

It's been a fun year, she's learned a ton and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher.


Splash Pad Saturday

Byron played in a golf tournament and the girls and I made our first trip of the summer to the Splash Pad. Harper's finally old enough to fully enjoy it.

Big Big better start saving those green flavor pops :)