My Little Ladybug Has Wings!

Nat is going to be a ladybug for Halloween. I found a really cute costume online but I'm to cheap to pay $40 for a costume when I know darn good and well Sue can make something as equally cute, if not cuter. She was in charge of the body, which was nothing more than a bubble dress. My mission were the wings and antenna.

Let me just say these were kinda a pain and if I could have found some cheap pre-made ones I would have snatched them up in a heartbeat. However, my craftiness got the best of me. I found a tutorial online that seemed easy enough.

First step, straighten out two cheap coat hangers. Come to find out it would take four because they aren't sturdy enough to hold the shape I wanted with just one.

The tutorial said to use twine, but I opted for electrical tape. Mainly because it was the only black tape I had in the house. We (and yes Byron helped and saved me from having a complete meltdown) taped the two shaped hangers together like so...

Then I taped the two wings together making sure all ends were covered.

We had to cut them down a few times to make the small enough for Nat. The first go round Byron said they looked big on me, so we adjusted. We ended up using an old pair of her tights to cover the wings and tie in a knot at the top. One leg covered a wing. Panty hose will also work depending on how opaque you would like them.

Once covered secure two ribbons in the center. These will later tie around her arms. The antennas are nothing more than a black headband wrapped in ribbon, pipe cleaners and some 1.5inch pom poms.

They turned out pretty cute. If I have time I may add some red glitter to them to make them pop. Or I may just leave them alone since I'll be lucky if she wears them for more than 3 minutes :)


8 Year Anniversary

Today marks my 8 year wedding anniversary. Time has flown by and at the same time 8 years seems like forever. Either way it's been a great 8 years waking up to my best friend. I cannot imagine my life without him.

We had every intention of going out since Nat's been in KY all week, but we decided to grill at home and watch the blue/white scrimmage. Yep that's how we roll. I'm pretty sure the majority of our anniversaries have fallen on some major sporting events: Eli playing, Cardinals in playoffs, so UK's first scrimmage of the year was no exception, and that's just who we are so I was fine with it.

Here's a blast from the past too. This was probably the first weekend we ever went out in Oxford, circa 1999, and I think it's Heather and Jess's house. We were such babies....
Happy Anniversary Baby!


Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

This past weekend was THE weekend for birthdays and parties. Let's see if I can remember them all. Brady, Uncle Mike and Granny Dot all had birthdays on Thursday. We had a big celebration for the boys Friday night at the cabin. We got in a little late, but managed to see everyone and let Nat blow off some steam after the 6 hours car ride.

Kaitlyn, Jason and his Dad (who also came down from Wisconsin with his mom) celebrated birthdays and if I'm not mistaken, my other Uncle Mike (Amy's Mike) has a birthday today.


At the cabin enjoying a cupcake and Jackson showing of his walking skills.

Big Daddy & Nat

And this little car Nat just loved. We may have to add something similar to her Christmas list.

Saturday we made a trip out to Wurth Farms with Byron's family before Kaitlyn's Dora filled birthday party. The girls really enjoyed the bounce house, petting zoo and horse ride.

Let me just say Natalie took to Sherri (left) right away, they quickly became best buds.

The always popular bounce house.

Petting Zoo, trying to pet the pot-belly pig and feed the donkey.

And probably the highlight of Nat's day, riding the horse. She kept trying to make it go faster and I was trying desperately to hold onto her little butt.

Leaving the farm. Poor thing was worn out.

The family photo we could manage with a overtired toddler.

Time to party with Dora and Boots!

Kaitlyn dove right in unlike last year :)

Playing with some of the balloons the next morning.


Pig Tails

I finally got these off Byron's phone from last week.

My first attempt. Please bare in mind I didn't have a brush and it was like wrangling a cat trying to get them in. She didn't even notice them once I was done until we showed her in the mirror and she said "pretty" then preceded to pull them out :)


Another Lazy Weekend

We had really good intentions to take Nat to the pumpkin patch this weekend, but as always she had her own schedule. Which included two marathon naps during the peak hours of the pumpkin patch. Oh well, we can still go to one at home next weekend with Kaitlyn maybe.

So what did we do? Not much. Of course we had to watch Big Blue Madness Saturday night. I think I may have a cheerleader/dancer/gymnast on my hands. She watched the cheerleaders intensely, then got up and tried to flip in the floor. When that got old she wanted me to hold her in the air and flip her, and the dancing... well that's a sight that I can't even put into words. Let's just say she can imitate just about anything she sees.

Sunday was full of football and a trip to the park. She tried to imitate the older girls there by attempting to slide down head first, run up the slides and a bunch of other stuff. Needless to say we didn't stay long.

This was her in Sept 09 - roughly 8 months old

Even now at 21 months she still has an obsession with boxes.

Trying to work up the nerve to jump off.

Fresh out of the tub with a mouth full of taters. At least they are easy to clean up.


Our First MS State Fair

After living in Jackson for over 4 years now, Byron and I finally went to our first state fair. It's amazing the things I can drag him out to now that I have Natalie as an excuse. Neither of us had ever been to a state fair, it's a lot bigger than the local Mayfield fair Granddaddy used to take me too. And the food, everything is fried...bananas, burgers, twinkies. The smell alone was enough to make me nauseous. But we ate a corn dog that was as long as Nat's leg, an elephant ear (funnel cake with apples & cinnamon) and some fried chips loaded with chili, cheese and jalepenos.

Our first stop was at the petting zoo. Overall she enjoyed it, especially getting to feed the animals carrots. She even tried to hug a few. There was one, some kind of Highland Cattle, that even I was a little unsure of.

Daddy and Nat feeding the Llama.
"More please" A phrase she has mastered and who can tell that face no?

This thing we weren't to sure about.

We rode the carousel and some other kiddie ride. She did ok. They made a lot of weird noises and it was way past nap time so we didn't push our luck to much.