Another Lazy Weekend

We had really good intentions to take Nat to the pumpkin patch this weekend, but as always she had her own schedule. Which included two marathon naps during the peak hours of the pumpkin patch. Oh well, we can still go to one at home next weekend with Kaitlyn maybe.

So what did we do? Not much. Of course we had to watch Big Blue Madness Saturday night. I think I may have a cheerleader/dancer/gymnast on my hands. She watched the cheerleaders intensely, then got up and tried to flip in the floor. When that got old she wanted me to hold her in the air and flip her, and the dancing... well that's a sight that I can't even put into words. Let's just say she can imitate just about anything she sees.

Sunday was full of football and a trip to the park. She tried to imitate the older girls there by attempting to slide down head first, run up the slides and a bunch of other stuff. Needless to say we didn't stay long.

This was her in Sept 09 - roughly 8 months old

Even now at 21 months she still has an obsession with boxes.

Trying to work up the nerve to jump off.

Fresh out of the tub with a mouth full of taters. At least they are easy to clean up.


Amy said...

Okay, that's it.. I'm sending that girl a basketball! No cheerleaders in this family... LOL It's just amazing how much she has grown. I love those pictures to compare, they are really amazing how much she has grown in so little time.
Love to you all!!

Anonymous said...

Julia, I have gone through all the pictures are they are adorable. She looks just like you. You are doing such a great job of collecting pictures. Love Nan