Our First MS State Fair

After living in Jackson for over 4 years now, Byron and I finally went to our first state fair. It's amazing the things I can drag him out to now that I have Natalie as an excuse. Neither of us had ever been to a state fair, it's a lot bigger than the local Mayfield fair Granddaddy used to take me too. And the food, everything is fried...bananas, burgers, twinkies. The smell alone was enough to make me nauseous. But we ate a corn dog that was as long as Nat's leg, an elephant ear (funnel cake with apples & cinnamon) and some fried chips loaded with chili, cheese and jalepenos.

Our first stop was at the petting zoo. Overall she enjoyed it, especially getting to feed the animals carrots. She even tried to hug a few. There was one, some kind of Highland Cattle, that even I was a little unsure of.

Daddy and Nat feeding the Llama.
"More please" A phrase she has mastered and who can tell that face no?

This thing we weren't to sure about.

We rode the carousel and some other kiddie ride. She did ok. They made a lot of weird noises and it was way past nap time so we didn't push our luck to much.

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Joy said...

I'm laughing so hard at picture #3. And I'm from here and have NO CLUE what kind of animal that is. Cute pictures! Glad y'all had a great time. Maybe one day I will actually attend the MS State Fair.