Black & White Day

Each month Nat's classroom has a different color theme. This month is black and white. Once, each month, they are suppose to wear that color and believe it or not when I rummaged through Nat's closet she doesn't have a single black/white item?! How that's possible, I have no idea. Her closet easily rivals mine and she's only 3.

So with my new sewing machine and novice sewing skills I set out to make her a dress. Now I'll admit I did cheat a little, a smocked dress is possibly one of the easiest things you can make. The fabric already came smocked at the top, so literally a couple of hems, straps and about an hour was all it took. 

It could possible take less time if:
  1. My "helper" wasn't hovering over my shoulder
  2. I hadn't had to take it in about 2-3 inches after the first stitches down the side so Nat could hold it up (I only bought 1/2 yard, probably could had gotten away with 1/3)
  3. the straps were kinda a pain, but only because they stretched more than I expected.

I might have to frame this one, she's smiling so good. 

And of course one that shows off the dress better and Nat in her true form.


Children's Museum

What a neat place to spend the day! Nat's school took a field trip to the museum Friday and every kid had to have a parent attend with them. Now I'd be lying if I said I was less than enthused but boy am I glad we went. First off, I don't think we even saw or played on a third of what was on display, this place is huge! I've already told Byron we need to go ahead and purchase a membership. It'd be perfect for those rainy or too hot to breath type days.

Some of Nat's favorite exhibits...diggin' up dino bones and cooking me lunch in a state-of-the-art kids kitchen

Next up, my kind of fishing, no worms!

On the upper level Nat helped the big kids build a house. The larger tiles were a little wide for her to pick up and velcro into place so she stuck to stacking bricks. Something her little OCD self loved. They were perfectly spaced and even until some obnoxious boy kicked them. Nat just gave him an evil look and moved on. Luckily she has more of her Daddy's personality than mine :) 

Then she met up with her buddies, Anna Claire and Cannon, to drive in the car. Let me just say it now, if these 3 stay in the same school for the next upteen years, all of us are in trouble. They are like 3 peas in a pod and have TROUBLE written all over their faces.
Flash forward 13 years

Milking a cow and themselves. It squirted water and it didn't take them long to realize they could get each other wet. And finally what day isn't complete without a trip, or 10, down a curvy slide?


Little Slugger

She was too cute in her baseball hat Saturday not to snap a quick picture. T-ball is still more of a pain than a joy but we only have two more games then it's off to dance in the fall. I think we need to stick to indoor sports down here, it's just too dang hot not matter how early in the morning you play.

And yes that's me in all my glory at 30 weeks. July CANNOT get here fast enough.