Fun in the Sun

Anytime we go outside down here it's usually so hot and sunny Natalie has to wear a hat. Especially since she sneezes anytime she's in the sunlight. (Just like her daddy) Here's a few pictures of her ready to take a stroll around the block. The last one has plenty of room for her little head to grow into.


Happy Father's Day

Well I was determined to make Byron's first Father's Day a special one. I let him order some stuff for his Big Green Egg, but I still wanted to do something a little more personal for him from Natalie and myself.

So the Friday before I brought Natalie to work with me for a little photo shoot. I had found this idea online and quickly ran to Wal-Mart to get my supplies. And thanks to Christy at work, we pulled this off just in time. We printed the photos and put them in a frame with three openings. It was perfect, and I hope to do it every year.
Daddy's wrapped around her finger!


Sholar Family Reunion

Every other year of so my dad's family tries to have a reunion. They usually alternate between Chicago and Olive Branch, MS. We lucked out this year and it was in MS. Natalie and I drove up there to meet all the extended family and meet up with my parents and brother. It was nice to see everyone and show Natalie off. She did really well with everyone wanting to hold her, but man it was HOT!!!


First Trip to the Hospital

Natalie woke up Saturday in a pretty good mood but by late afternoon had started to run a temperature. So we did the standard Tylenol, cold wash clothe and even a lukewarm bath. Sunday it just kept getting worse so I took her to the after hours clinic. After checking her blood and urine they thought she may have had a kidney infection and thought we should admit her.

It took about 3 different nurses to try and get her IV started before I had had enough. They finally had to call in a NICU nurse. Her white count was extremely high but after a few days of antibiotics and fluids they sent us home. All the test came back negative so I guess we'll never know exactly what it was, but she's alot better now. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes.

My sick little baby.

Bogey doesn't understand what's going on.

Finally getting some rest.

Determined to get her paci with her one good hand.


Morning Sunshine

Natalie's such a morning baby. We don't know where that came from either. She just "talks" and laughs at us in the morning. She'll be 5months tomorrow and is growing up so fast. She is sitting up really well. We still put pillows behind her, but that's more for my peace of mind.

My big girl, just a few days shy of 5 months.

Can I share your pillow?


You Want Me To Eat What?

Now that Natalie has cereal down pat we thought we'd start on the stage 1 veggies. So far she'll eat them all EXCEPT peas. She actually turns red and makes gagging noises.

My thumb is way better than this stuff.
And with a mess like that a bath usually follows. But I've noticed she's about to outgrow her infant tub. I need to take the sling out of it since she's starting to sit up better.