Memorial Weekend

We were so excited to get to go home for this holiday. Heather, Jason and Kaitlyn were also coming in from Wisconsin, and we were all anxious for the girls to meet. We decided to leave after Natalie's night bottle and drive home. This worked like a charm! She slept the whole time.

Playing in the floor with Nana and Papa

We had such a good time visiting with them. I can't believe how much Kaitlyn's grown. She is sitting on her own and is such a cutie with all that hair.

Kaitlyn 7 months - Natalie 4 months

Sue's sister Marcia and her family came in to visit while both the girls were in town. It was hard to get pictures of the girls because they were hardly awake at the same. Oh well. I hope the girls grow up to be best friends even though we are so far apart.

Marcia & Natalie
Bogey sneaking in a hug.


New Toy & New Food

Sue bought Natalie a jumperoo now that she's becoming more active. This weekend Byron and I put it together to see what she would think. Like all new toys she gets, she was a little unsure and she had to stand on her tippy toes but maybe she'll catch on soon.

She may not jump in it but at least she has a better view of the TV.

We also got the green light from the Dr. to start cereal. We've been cheating a little by putting some in her night bottle, but we thought we'd try something a little thicker with a spoon. Let's just say Byron enjoyed it :)
Barkley waiting to lick her clean.
I don't know how much she actually ate, but I think she had fun trying.


4 Month Stats

Happy 4months! 4 months just means another Dr. appointment and more shots :( But I'm always amazed at how much she has grown. My long and skinny girl weighed in at 14.5lbs and 27.5inches long.

Just waiting to leave for the Dr. office.

Shots always wear her out after we get home.


Mother's Day

My very first Mother's Day! Byron and Natalie got me the sweetest card. He even took the time to put Natalie's hand print on it.

We went home that weekend so everyone could see how much she'd grown. She also got to meet Aunt Angie and Amy for the first time. We decided to have a cookout at the lodge to accommodate everyone. And the weather was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day and weekend.

Grammie and Natalie snuggling.

It was so pretty, Natalie had to wear her shades.

My little sweetie.

Natalie with Amy and Granddaddy.

Nathan taking some of the gang out in the Argo.

Angie & Natalie

And Nan & Natalie

Karly and Granny playing with Natalie.