Birthing 101

Well this past weekend was something Byron and I had dreaded for awhile now. Our hospital recommends all first time parents take a birthing class. UGH.

We opted for the weekend class instead of the 4 week class. I don't know that we learned a whole lot but it went fairly quickly. I did not watch the epi video. I don't do needles and I could tell by Byron's expression I had made the right choice.

The best part was the daddy relay. Here are some photos of Byron dressing, changing a diaper and swaddling a newborn.

Ready. Set. Go!

Carefully changing the diaper...

And Done!


It's Baby Shower Time!

We decided to have my baby showers fairly early due to the Holidays. I was fortunate enough to have two showers. My Grandmother threw one on Saturday for my Dad's family and her friends at her home. Then I had another one in Fancy Farm for my Mom's family and all my friends.

Natalie got a ton of clothes and all sorts of goodies. The girl shouldn't need diapers for at least a month or two (thanks Nate). And I probably won't have to do laundry for like a month :)

All set for basketball season.

My Aunt Amy and Nan

Mom, and my Aunts Karla & Theresa

Byron and his mom plus two of his Aunts Marcia & Brenna

Diaper Cake that Sue made.

Byron's Daddy Basket my Aunts made him.
They didn't want him to feel left out :)

Two showers = Two cakes. This one Lindsay, my cousin, made.


4D U/S are so COOL!

So we were given the option when we first found out we were pregnant to do a 4D U/S. Byron's eyes got huge and of course we just had to have one. It's like seeing your baby in HD :) She didn't really cooperate that well but we got a few good shots. It looks like she may have my nose and lips and might be a thumb sucker (I sure hope not).

We also went to Mistletoe Gala on Thursday. My company handles all their advertising/printing needs. It's a great place to kick off your holiday shopping. We also went to an Iron Chef competition that we sponsored. It made Byron want a Viking kitchen!

This is me almost 30 weeks before the Gala.

Byron and I walking the red carpet.