April's Come and Gone

Wow, the past 4 months have flown by. Natalie's been in daycare for almost a month now. And I think she really enjoys it. Ms. Alexis and Ms. Marie are so sweet and good to her. So here's what's been happening around our house.
Every girl should have some pink shades!

Rolling over from back or belly is no longer a problem.

Her two new favorite toys...her FEET!

Lounging with Daddy.

She will no longer take her pacifier and isn't swaddled anymore. But I hope this thumb sucking phase won't last long either.

And finally, the child hates to lay back. I swear she wanted to hold her head up the day we brought her home and now she thinks she needs to be sitting at all times.
She's growing up way to fast!


3 Month Pictures

Well we didn't have any newborn pictures professionally made of Natalie so I thought I'd take her to Portrait Innovations to have some made around her 3 month birthday. It didn't go so well. We had to wait almost 45 minutes and by then she was tired. The lady kept trying to sit her up in a chair (yeah she's not quite there yet). So we walked out of there with their $9.99 package and went to JCPenny. They did a much better job with her. Although the photographer kept making cat sounds at her that even scared me!

This was the monkey Byron and I bought when we first found out we were expecting. I hope to take it every time for pics to see how she's grown.