9 month Pics

Just thought I'd share Natalie's 9 month pictures from JcPenney.


Kaitlyn Turns 1

We hosted a birthday party this weekend for our niece Kaitlyn. It's hard to believe she's already one, and that Natalie's birthday is just around the corner. Heather, Jason & Kaitlyn got in late Friday, and Natalie tried really hard to stay up and see them. They are so cute together. Kaitlyn would go up to Natalie to give her a kiss, but Natalie wasn't so sure. Then Natalie would try and touch Kaitlyn's hair, something she still doesn't have to much of :)

Giving the green peas to Papaw.

Playing in their pj's the next morning. I can't believe how much they've both changed since May.

Saturday Sue and I finished Kaitlyn's cake and we enjoyed a nice little party outside on the patio. Kaitlyn didn't know what to think of her cake and she definitely didn't like her party hat. The cupcakes were a bigger hit. Kaitlyn turned hers upside down and ate the cake part and Natalie dove right into the icing on hers.

Waiting for the party to start.

The birthday girl.

Giving mommy some sweet kisses.

Natalie had just as much fun eating her cupcake. She made one heck of a mess and loved every minute of it.

And even though Kaitlyn didn't enjoy wearing her hat, Mulligan didn't mind.

Natalie playing after all the festivities were over.

All in all I think it was success. It's going to be nice having them living in Alabama now, so the girls can see more of each other.


Pumpkin Pickin'

I have been dying to take Natalie out to a pumpkin patch since the beginning of October. However, we've either been out of town or it's been coming a flood outside. We jumped on the opportunity to take her Saturday to Nicholas-Boyd Farms. She loved the hayride (or at least the hay). It was a little chilly but she enjoyed being outside, looking at the farm animals, playing in the pumpkins. Plus, she just loved watching all the older kids.

And Byron gets the "Best Daddy" Award. I think he was one of the few fathers, if not the only one, out there. I guess the rest where home watching football.

They had a children's maze set up in the waiting area. I'm sure next year we'll be chasing her through it.

Waiting for the hay ride to start

Of course she had to chew on the straw.

Daddy and his lil pumpkin

Natalie the Scarecrow


9 Months Already

Today marked Natalie's 9 month birthday. She's becoming quite a little individual. The days of just holding her to make her happy are far and few between because she's constantly on the go. She's moved on from the toilet (because we always shut the doors) to the dog's water bowl. She's cruising around the furniture with no problem and has even stood on her own for a few seconds. When we were home last weekend she just completely stood upright while playing in the floor. We're still working on her sippy cup, but she's really enjoys "real" food. Byron thinks I've created a monster :)

Her well visit went great. She weighed 18.9lbs and was 29.5inches. The Dr. said she had definitely gone through a growth spurt since July. She was amazed at how fast she was developing and said in a month of so we could start introducing whole milk if we wanted.

The weather was somewhat nice when we got home from the Dr. so we played outside for a little bit. It was really wet but as you see, that didn't stop Natalie. This is what her and Mulligan found to get into.

And you have to wonder what's going through both of their minds...
"I won't tell if you won't tell."

Look at that mischievous little smirk.

Mulligan kept using it as a water bowl.

And this was the end result.

Have no fear though, Bogey is still her favorite, especially for snuggling.

And this is just one of her many goofy faces :)


Hello Baby Jackson

We finally got a chance to go home and meet our newest cousin in the family, Jackson Boyd. He's such cutie with those big blue eyes and dark curly hair. Natalie kept wanting to touch his hair but didn't mind me holding him one bit. She was to busy trying to play with Brady, who was having no part of her. He kept telling Karla, "Nana, just hold him." All babies are are a "he" and he was so worried she was going to get his trains. I don't know what he'll do when his little brother gets here in less than a month :)

We drove in Thursday night. And I must say Natalie did great. She woke up just about the time I needed gas, took a bottle and passed right back out. We finally got to KY around midnight, right before the storm came through.

Friday we spent the day at Nan & Granddaddy's and at Vann & Sue's. Saturday we made the rounds to Granny's house and back up to Nan's to see Amy & Mike. Then we went to Jackson's Baptism, followed by a little Pictionary at Karla's house. Sunday we had a baby shower for April and then we had to get back on the road. It was a busy weekend and, as always, went by way to fast.

Godparents, Brenton & April, Father Darrell, Jackson, Mal & Levi.

Aunt Rosie and her whole gang.

Such a proud Godfather :)

Granny & Louise

Four generations on my Mom's side.

Natalie always has a big hug for Karly.

Some of the great-grandkids. Natalie had had enough. Maybe we can round them all up by Christmas, after Kody gets here, and when Kaitlynn & Daniel are in town.