Kaitlyn Turns 1

We hosted a birthday party this weekend for our niece Kaitlyn. It's hard to believe she's already one, and that Natalie's birthday is just around the corner. Heather, Jason & Kaitlyn got in late Friday, and Natalie tried really hard to stay up and see them. They are so cute together. Kaitlyn would go up to Natalie to give her a kiss, but Natalie wasn't so sure. Then Natalie would try and touch Kaitlyn's hair, something she still doesn't have to much of :)

Giving the green peas to Papaw.

Playing in their pj's the next morning. I can't believe how much they've both changed since May.

Saturday Sue and I finished Kaitlyn's cake and we enjoyed a nice little party outside on the patio. Kaitlyn didn't know what to think of her cake and she definitely didn't like her party hat. The cupcakes were a bigger hit. Kaitlyn turned hers upside down and ate the cake part and Natalie dove right into the icing on hers.

Waiting for the party to start.

The birthday girl.

Giving mommy some sweet kisses.

Natalie had just as much fun eating her cupcake. She made one heck of a mess and loved every minute of it.

And even though Kaitlyn didn't enjoy wearing her hat, Mulligan didn't mind.

Natalie playing after all the festivities were over.

All in all I think it was success. It's going to be nice having them living in Alabama now, so the girls can see more of each other.

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