Santa's Lap

We took the girls to see Santa this afternoon. It was nice not to have to fight the crowds, wait in a long line and it also allowed the girls to kinda roam around and play as they wanted. Natalie LOVED shooting at the targets. Harper kept staring at the caribou like it was alive or something. All was good and well until I pulled a clinging Harper from my arms and placed her in Santa's lap. All hell broke loose and the screaming began. I did warn the lady taking the picture though. She was all to happy to take her candy cane and wave by to him. Natalie did excellent. She smiled so pretty, talked to him and told him everything she wanted. 

Oh and if PaPaw reads this Natalie wants a pink fishing pole for her birthday. We almost didn't make it out of the store without one. 

Santa 2013 (sorry it's blurry, it's a picture of a picture).


St Paul Christmas Play

Natalie had her last Christmas play at St Paul this morning. She had to memorize a speaking part. Even though she said it really well at home, she needed some help on stage. The 2 year olds were crying and I think she got a little flustered but she finished it and we couldn't be prouder.

Byron video tapped the whole thing, but it's much to big to upload, so you'll have to settle for a few pics.

Sebastian, the wiseman, and Natalie.

Nat, Kristen and Kate.
Leanna & Natalie

And finally! A family picture worth hanging on the wall. It's only taken a year and a half :)


Silly Girls

They got bored decorating, they had a dance party for about 5 minutes, then Natalie decided that she wanted their picture taken by the fireplace.

This is what followed....

Trimming the Tree(s)

I think the only reason Natalie didn't cry when everyone left Sunday was because I promised her we could start decorating for Christmas. And believe me, the first thing she said after her nap was, "let's go get my tree momma, you promised."

It's alot more interesting trying to decorate with Harper in the mix. Fun but difficult. She wanted to help naturally. However, her idea of helping is pulling the ornaments off the tree after Natalie has worked so hard to put them on!

One tree down, now for the big guy!

We only got about half way through the box before they got bored and had a dance party.


Ice Skating

There are just some things this Southerner girl shouldn't do. Ice skating should be added to that list. I had only done it once before and I didn't remember it being that hard, but then again, that was at least 10 years ago!

We honestly thought taking the girls to Christmas on Ice in Madison would be a good idea. Ummm yeah, not so much. It was fun once the skates came off and Nat and I were back on the astro-turf. Thank God Jason and Heather were with us or Natalie and I would probably still be trying to get around the rink. I totally busted my butt too. I was sore for two days. Maybe in a few years we will try again...maybe.

Getting used to their skates.

Jason, having played hockey, definitely had the advantage.
Harper had the right idea. Staying off the ice and just touching the skates. Even though there wasn't anything for Harper to "officially" do, she had a blast. She danced her little butt off and just walked around the whole time. She did fall and bust her lip once. One to many "ring-around-the-rosies" will do that to you, but that didn't slow her any.

They also had two huge ice slides. Despite the horrifying look on my face, it was really fun. Natalie and Kaitlyn could have stayed there all day and night.

A few attempted family pictures before we left.