Party in the Bathroom

Last night was interesting to say the least. We spent a solid 15 minutes stuck in a half bath with 2 dogs, 2 kids and 2 adults. Fun times...NOT! We dodged some really close tornadoes last night but came out unharmed. Nat was a little freaked, totally understandable, and I'm pretty sure she slept attached to Byron's back last night but all is well this morning.


My Big Girl

Tuesday Harper started daycare. Boy was it rough. Way worse than when Natalie started. I think she cried the whole time the first day, poor thing. But I'm starting a new job May 1 and it was time to "cut the cord", at least a little. So my momma's girl had her world turned upside down but she's adjusting well. I didn't cry to much either and I know after a week or so she will love it!

First day after pickup. Her little eyes were so red and swollen :(
They both are looking so grown these days. 



When Nat came out in a similar suit to Harper's she started prancing around saying "twinsies!" I have a pretty good idea who she picked up the word from :)
Sunday after the Easter newness had worn down she was dying to play in some water. Problem: We threw away her pool after last summer. Solution: Fill your sandbox top..."You might be a redneck..." immediately popped into my head. So I off went to get a new pool and they wasted no time breaking it in. By the end of the day we had half the neighborhood over :)


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Natalie totally flipped when she woke and found an egg on her pillow. She popped out of that bed and told us "I KNEW I heard something last night in the house hopping around, I KNEW it!"

The bunny had left a ton of eggs throughout the house and in the backyard. He really outdid himself. Once again Harper would not put any eggs in her basket. I guess of fear of someone taking them. So she grabbed all she could and went and hid over by the love seat.



St Paul Party

Being the room mom for Nat's class means I get to come and take pics at all the parties and hid a gazillion eggs beforehand too :) 

Harper was quite content finding one eggs and eating the candy before moving on. Needless to say she only got about 3 eggs.

Kirsten, Addison & Nat
 Mrs Shelly's class. Back row Jordan, Kirsten, Natalie, Addison, Elyssa. Front row Kaylan, Olivia, Sebastian, Kayleigh & Leeanna. (and Harper)


Little Works of Art

Nat takes this egg coloring business seriously. A perfectionist just like her mommy no doubt :) This holiday may just be Nat's favorite. Her only disappointment was when she woke this morning after coloring yesterday and the Easter Bunny hadn't come. She thought he didn't like her eggs..lol  When had to drag out the calendar and count off our days.

We signed up to make dessert for Natalie's school party. It doesn't get much easier than this...box of cake mix, icing, peeps and m&ms.


Field Trip to Ag Museum

St Paul took their annual spring field trip to the Ag Museum yesterday. They even let Harper tag along :) It was really neat. The kids took a train ride through the "old town" and saw a ton of exhibits inside and some really old airplanes. Then a picnic in the park and the girls were pooped. 

Kirsten & Nat
The carousel was also a big hit.

Nat, Leeana, Kirsten
Tractor Time!

Goofing off at home after naps. Bogey is such a good sport.


Easter Surprise!

The girls had a sweet little surprise at the door Friday morning from Amy and Mike. TWO large, over-the-top and filled to brim Easter baskets! I couldn't believe all candy and stuff they pulled out of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

They even enjoyed the boxes later that evening.