Easter Weekend

Yes these are the only three pictures I have of the whole weekend and I didn't even take them. I forgot my memory card! No matter, we still had a lot of fun visiting in KY, despite the cold and dreary weather. And the amount of candy Natalie got should be a crime, TWO ice cream buckets full!


A Day at the Park

Saturday afternoon was suppose to be our egg hunt at our neighborhood park but due to nasty weather and lots of mud, it was cancelled. Natalie was a little bummed but we stayed awhile to play on the slide and swings. Harper even enjoyed watching the kids run around too.


Easter Egg Time!

This might just be one of Natalie's favorite holidays. She has been asking me when are going to color eggs since probably her birthday back in January. I told her all last week we could do them on Saturday, thinking I would boil the eggs on Friday, let them cool, and we would dye them the next day.

That didn't go over so well with Natalie. She wanted to do them immediately Friday after school. And to see a 4 year old trying to be patient while water boils is painful. What's Natalie decide to get into? The bubbles in the sink that Harper's bottles are soaking in. But hey, it kept her entertained plus she washed and rinsed all of them for me. Win-win!

Harper slept through the torture of boiling water. She was out and about all afternoon and could barely keep her eyes open once we got back home.
She woke in time top play with the bunny glasses and check out her Easter basket.

Finally time to color. I wanted to do some with a tye-die look but Nat insisted on coloring them all and applying glitter and sparkles. I'm pretty sure we had glitter EVERYWHERE and she did spill one red cup, so that one turned out more orange but she enjoyed it. She was a little disappointed the next morning because she thought the Easter bunny would bring her candies that morning since she painted her eggs. She thought he didn't like them, silly girl. I had to get the calendar out and promise her he would come next weekend at Grammie's. Oh and she says she wants a big lollipop (hint, hint Big Big).


A Little Something for Harper

I finally took the plunge and made something for Harper. Most of my patterns are really to big for her at the moment but when I was asked to test out these ruffle overalls I just couldn't resist. Plus I wasn't really sure Nat would be into them, she's very picky about her wardrobe these days. Now I tested a 9-12 size and I was a little worried they'd be to big but other than being a tad long, they turned out super cute.

Saturday and Sunday were spent, yet again, doing yard work. Poor Byron isn't going to be able to move for a week. It's hard for me to help with Harper is awake, but she was a good sport about it. Sunday we sprayed the yard so she spent most of her time either in the back of the van with Natalie (back door open) or in her stroller just relaxing, and working on her tan a bit.

Happy Spring Y'all!


St Paddy's Day

My creativity (and Pinterest) got the best of me yet again. Nothing like sewing a rainbow dress, that almost didn't fit, in 3 hours the night before the big party.

Harper's was pretty easy. I bought a 3 pack of onsies, died one of them and used freezer paper to make my stencil and painted it. Pretty sure it took longer to dry than anything.

Natalie's on the other hand, looks a little rough up close, but she was happy with it. This was suppose to be a 5T dress but ended up more like a 3T tunic. Good thing she's skinny :) We also made shamrock cookies but I totally forgot to take the first picture of those.



Silly Sunday

The weather has warmed up and that means lots of spring yard work. BUT not before Natalie sneaks in a little time to make a mess, I mean paint :)

Natalie's bed has become the new favorite hangout in the house. 

Harper is so stinkin' close to crawling that we are all just waiting for the day when we leave her in one room and she pops up behind us in another. She's mastered reverse and going in circles and her favorite places to practice are on our beds. Even Nat gets down on her level for encouragement but we have to have patience...yeah right!

And this is just a little comparison of Natalie & Harper at the same age. Beside the hair color they could be twins.


Nuby Nibbler

This little mesh feeder is great way to introduce solids foods to your baby without the risk of choking. Harper is just getting better at "chewing" certain table foods without gagging, but with this I don't have to worry. Bananas are one of her favorites.

We had one of these for Natalie too. It came in real handy during teething. I could pop an ice cube in there and let her chew on it and numb her gums.

The Nuby Nibbler has a squeeze and twist locking system so the kiddos can't open it. It also comes with a cap to keep it clean when traveling. It's easy to take a part and clean as well.

You can buy this little nibbler at buybabydirect.com, diapers.com, amazon.com, cookieskids.com and babyearth.com

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Nuby Natural Touch Feeder

I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of these, of course, when it first arrived Harper had ZERO interest in eating solids other than cereal. So it has sat in the back of the cabinet for a month or so now. I did try and mix cereal in one time but it was to much of a hassle.

But other baby food, AMAZING! If we are getting ready to head out to eat, I can pour Harper's food into the spoon, snap the top in place and throw in my bag to use at the restaurant. She's real big on eating when we eat and we don't always eat stuff she can have so this is a great compromise.

The food is squeezed throw a tiny hole onto the spoon, it's so easy. Plus I can squeeze it out a lot faster than I can scoop it out with a normal spoon which makes for a very happy Harper when she's starving and her patience is non-existent.

You can find this feeder on Amazon and diapers.com

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