St Paul Halloween Party

Natalie & Harper, I mean Rapunzel & Pascal, were a bit hit at the school this morning. And why not? Natalie looked gorgeous in her dress Sue made and Harper, well, she was just too stinkin' cute for word in her chameleon costume. I'm pretty proud of it, since Nat and I were adding the finishing touches just last night. She stuffed the tail while I added eyes to the hat.

We probably won't get to actually ToT tonight with the nasty weather, but that just means more pictures tomorrow!

A view of the tail. I think Nat may have stuffed it too well, it's pulling the dress :)

Now for some class photos, we had a good variety this year. Not all princesses and Superman.
Olivia, Natalie & Addison

Kaylan & Leanna

Elissa & Gage

Kitty & Sebastian

Natalie & Jordan
And now for the cutest chameleon EVER!

Mrs. Shelly's Class

Photo bomb by Harper :)


Pumpkin Carving

Natalie is still not a fan of carving pumpkin, or at least scooping out the guts. Harper was napping, but I'm still holding out hope that she'll be my carving buddy in the future.


Rough Week

When it rains it pours in this house. Starting last Saturday night we have all had the stomach bug. And wouldn't you know Byron and I had it the worse. So we've been pretty low key, needless to say.

Harper has really taken an interest in the dogs. She knows both their names but refers to them both as "bo, bog"  I don't think Mulligan minds though, he just appreciates the attention. Bogey seems to be more like "here we go again".  

Oh the many faces this child can make. We are working on her "home alone" face. 

Wednesday we met with an ENT about all the ear infections Harper has had. She's had 3 since September, with 3 different antibiotics too boot. So Thursday, we got tubes put in bright and early. Like 2 hours before her normal wake up time early. She handled it better than I expected. Flirted with the doctors and wasn't too fussy. Now let's just hope it worked.

Just later that afternoon she got a post-op cupcake from Gigi's.

Friday was still a pretty lazy day. She just wanted to snuggles and have all my attention. I didn't get much work done that day :)

And I just love moments like these. Even though she smacked her two seconds after I snapped this picture, typical sisterly love I guess.

Mulligan loves to crash their slumber, tea, tent parties. He just has to be right in the middle of their business if his little legs can manage it.


Pumpkin Pickin' 2013

Natalie's school took their annual trip to the pumpkin patch this morning. Last year Harper was just a little bitty thing but this year was a whole different ball game. She got to roll with the big kids, which was right up her alley. She loved seeing all the farm animals on the hay ride, and unlike Nat didn't eat the first piece.

This will be Natalie's last year to attend with St. Paul :(

Harper wasn't impressed with picking a pumpkin. She preferred the corn box and climbing on the hay bales. By they way, she is 22lb, 31inches and still has a big ol' noggin but is right on track according to her doctor. 

As good of a "sister" photo as I could get. We really need to work on Harper's posing...LOL
Most of the class. From left: Kitty, Natalie, Addison, Sebastian, Mrs. Shelly, Olivia, Gage & Kirsten. 

Natalie & Sebastian. He has a slight crush on her, bless his heart. He wanted to sit next to her, eat next to her, and pretty follow her around all morning.

Hay Maze. I can remember when she was barely tall enough to see over the top.

Picnic lunches in the shade with the girls.


Fall Clothes

I am so ready for real Fall temps, that stick around. For now, I'm just going to keep sewing items for the girls and hope they get to wear them before Christmas.


I love this jacket enough I am tempted to make it in my size. Should be available in the shop in the next week or so. It's knit which makes it super comfy and can be made with a zipper or snap.

And talk about growing up to fast. My "baby" isn't so little anymore. We are full on walking too! And I can't tell you how excited I am she can finally wear Nat's fuzzy boots, now if the weather would cooperate.


Back to Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Alright one more "blog dump" then I promise to get back to regularly updating this blog. With the holidays approaching there will be lots of pictures taken.

The girls are enjoy the last bit of summer, almost fall weather. Harper LOVES to be pushed on her tricycle. And if Nat and I aren't available to push, there is at least 1 or 2 neighborhood girls that love to do it.

We celebrated Byron's birthday. Natalie and I attempted to make some kind of layered angel food cake with whip cream. Let's just say it tasted better than it looked :)

Harper's hair is long enough for a duck tail, I mean pony tail.

Both girls love to lay on Harper's crib mattress. They act like it's a stage made for singing, dancing and cheering.

Natalie has taken a real interest in my sewing. One night we sat down and went over the buttons. I put it on the slowest speed and she can now straight stitch, back stitch and cut the thread. She's sewn lots of square together in an attempt to make a skirt. 

Sometimes it's not straight enough and a seam ripper is needed.

Harper is still her goofy self. She turned 15 months last Friday. We go this week for shots and to see how much she's grown. One would think she weighed 30 lbs by the way she eats but I'm betting we barely top out at 20.