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Alright one more "blog dump" then I promise to get back to regularly updating this blog. With the holidays approaching there will be lots of pictures taken.

The girls are enjoy the last bit of summer, almost fall weather. Harper LOVES to be pushed on her tricycle. And if Nat and I aren't available to push, there is at least 1 or 2 neighborhood girls that love to do it.

We celebrated Byron's birthday. Natalie and I attempted to make some kind of layered angel food cake with whip cream. Let's just say it tasted better than it looked :)

Harper's hair is long enough for a duck tail, I mean pony tail.

Both girls love to lay on Harper's crib mattress. They act like it's a stage made for singing, dancing and cheering.

Natalie has taken a real interest in my sewing. One night we sat down and went over the buttons. I put it on the slowest speed and she can now straight stitch, back stitch and cut the thread. She's sewn lots of square together in an attempt to make a skirt. 

Sometimes it's not straight enough and a seam ripper is needed.

Harper is still her goofy self. She turned 15 months last Friday. We go this week for shots and to see how much she's grown. One would think she weighed 30 lbs by the way she eats but I'm betting we barely top out at 20.

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