This is Nat's new game. She'll go stand over by the fence and stand there until someone says "ready, set, go" Then she comes barreling towards us to the middle of the yard, usually fakes falling down and I yell "safe" or something else silly.

Rolling with the dogs

She's such a goof these days. Here's a few stories that will make you laugh and her cringe one day when she looks back on these.

Story 1: She calls me to come sit with her like I'm a dog. Let me explain...she'll go over to her spot with her toys and point to me and make whiny noises to get my attention. When I notice her, she'll sit down, and clap her hands at me and make a noise with her lips like I do when I'm calling the dogs inside. No joke. While it's cute and all, I try and tell her a) I'm not Bogey and b) we need to say please (or anything at this point) when we want something.

Story 2: I get out of the shower this morning and hear her and Byron laughing really hard. About 5 minutes later they come in and Byron starts out by saying "Your daughter..." Now this usually means she's done something bad, gross or is in a grumpy mood. But this particular morning she had tooted while sitting on the couch. He said she turned and look at her butt and then at him and busted out laughing. Which in turn made Byron die laughing. I think he almost peed his pants.


Relaxing After A Hard Day

Nothing beats getting home from work, sitting out on the back porch, kicking my feet up and enjoying some strawberry-banana yogurt.... Oh wait a minute, I hope you didn't think I was talking about myself (I don't like banana flavored anything). No of course I'm referring to Natalie because she has it so rough these days :)

Yesterday we sat outside and discussed the days events and I have faith that one of these days, I'll be able to understand her.

And what's a post without a goofy picture from my spunky 19month old. She got some new shades yesterday and wanted to model them for y'all. Now maybe, just maybe, she'll leave Byron and mine alone.


No Words Needed

Diaper change, interrupting her writing and pictures in the morning will get you this look from Natalie.

I called Byron in this morning to take a picture of this. She is so funny when she sets her mind to something. She's really gotten into "writing" and "drawing." So much so she had to take a break from getting her diaper changed to jot down some thoughts.

Then she noticed Byron with the camera and put on a little show for us. It's hard to tell here (and I promise to get it on video) but she's pretending to be a monkey. She scratches her sides and makes a monkey noise. Thanks for teaching her that sweetie!


Same Ole' Sunday

I know these post are getting pretty predictable but this is the routine we've fallen into. We did manage to sneak in a little pool time today between showers. Since Natalie finally took a decent nap I got to unpack a little from last week. I found our bag of designer denim diapers Mal gave us since Jackson and Kody are to big for them.

They really do look like shorts. I think she even thought so because she wasn't trying to take them off or stick her hands down in them. Here's some pics of that cute little booty.

And how precious is this? She loves her some Bogey.

Yesterday also marked the unofficial start to the UK basketball season. Byron insisted we break out the jersey for such event. I mean a UK game in August is like Christmas at our house :)

By the way, frozen french fries make great teething toys and she loves them. Apparently so does Mulligan, check out his tongue as he patiently waits for her to drop it.

Dora's Birthday

Saturday WalMart was supposed to have a celebration for Dora's Birthday. Now Natalie isn't overly obsessed with any cartoon yet but I thought this might be a fun little INDOOR outing so we could avoid the heat, humidity and rain.

Well Dora was a no show and maybe she never was suppose to make an appearance but Nat got a free cupcake and 5x7 photo so she was content. Thank goodness she wasn't old enough to realize Dora wasn't coming. One little girl, probably 4 or so, pitched a fit because her momma told her Dora was going to be there and she wasn't.

Finger-lickin' good!


Picnic Time

Saturday was the 130th Fancy Farm Picnic. We enjoyed bingo, fried chicken, BBQ, games and ice cream. Natalie played with all the kiddos until she couldn't keep her eyes open. We tried to play a few kid friendly games. At the duck pond she thought it would be more fun to get in the pool instead of pull a duck from the "pond". That was the end of our game playing, as we headed back to camper to run around. She loved riding on the golf cart too. Byron and I need to get ours out and running and take her for a drive on the golf course one of these days.

Karly is so good with Natalie and Natalie just loves her some Karly too. She'd follow her anywhere and Karly is such a good sport about it.

Nate holding April and Danny's little linebacker, Kody. He's such a happy baby. I don't think I ever heard him cry unless he was hungry.

Thank goodness I'm not one of those mom's who worries about their kids getting their clothes or themselves dirty because by the end of the night Natalie's little dress was covered in ice cream and her little feet were almost black from running around without shoes. I'm also thankful April isn't to picky about her stroller getting dirty. She started with a spoon but that just wasn't going to cut it. Scooping with her fingers was way more productive. Don't worry contrary to what Levi thought, it wasn't anything a few baby wipes couldn't clean up until bath time later.

Then there's Brady sipping his Sun Drop from a tea cup he won.

My First 5K

What was I thinking? Just kidding, it wasn't THAT bad. Although next time I will not skip out on my last two weeks of training. I was hoping to finish it in 36 or under but I didn't run the entire thing and finished with a time of 39:22. Oh well now Brenton, Mal, Levi, April and myself can officially say "We Survived the Hill".

Everyone but April who was watching Karly run the little fun run.

April and Mal are in there somewhere.

Levi blew us all out of the water.

Brenton racing towards the finish.

The kiddos hung out at Granny's and cheered us on.

Evan up to no good.

Granny & Nat

Jackson and those baby blues. It's hard to believe he'll be 1 in a few weeks.

Later in the evening we got to meet Fancy Farm's very own Kevin Skinner, America's Got Talent winner from last year. Brady was so excited he got his picture and autograph. He also played Saturday night for about an hour or so.


TOTH Beer Festival Comes to Jackson

It's very rare that I post anything that absolutely has nothing to do with Natalie, but Byron and I took full advantage of my parents being down this weekend. We rounded up the crew and headed out to the Inaugural Top of the Hops Beer Festival Saturday.

There were over 125 beers on tap reading for our tasting pleasure. I think the final count Byron and I had tried was 75. We tried to keep track in our program and we tried to taste at least one or two beers from each brewery, skipping some we had already had before. It was a neat experience that made Byron and I realize we have totally different taste in beer. I liked almost all of the wheat beers and he didn't. About the only ones we both liked were the dark beers.

This is what I'll call the "before" picture. We got to sneak in a little early because I had won VIP tickets. We got to taste about 10 beers that were available to the general public and eat food catered by Mint.

Nate and his buddy from school, Teddy.

Nate and Lynnley

The whole gang - Me, Teddy, Byron, Nate and Lynnley.

The sillier Nate's grin gets is a good indicator of how long we've been there :)

Byron and I reenacting the wedding pose.

Nate's all out :( Time to get back in line.

And this is the "after" picture. Not only did we have a wonderful babysitter (mom) but a awesome DD who hauled us back and forth. Thanks Dad!

Our official TOTH Picture in front of the Abita beer.

Teddy and Nate showing off their bling.