No Words Needed

Diaper change, interrupting her writing and pictures in the morning will get you this look from Natalie.

I called Byron in this morning to take a picture of this. She is so funny when she sets her mind to something. She's really gotten into "writing" and "drawing." So much so she had to take a break from getting her diaper changed to jot down some thoughts.

Then she noticed Byron with the camera and put on a little show for us. It's hard to tell here (and I promise to get it on video) but she's pretending to be a monkey. She scratches her sides and makes a monkey noise. Thanks for teaching her that sweetie!


Amy said...

Wow...wonder where she got the drawing and writing talent? I seem to remember another little blonde headed girl that loved to draw all the time.. Ummmm that would be YOU! Like mother like daughter. Sorry Byron :( Maybe she'll get your golfing skills. Who stuck out their tongue? Too funny. May be my next screen saver.

Rachel said...

This is hilarious! What a huge personality she has!! I love it!