Dear Santa...

Mom and I took Natalie to see Santa on Saturday. We started out at Wal-Mart. She went right to him. She loves all things soft and plush and was mesmerized by his beard. Then as we were driving back through Mayfield, they had some booths set up around the Courthouse before the parade that afternoon. We walked around and found Mr. & Mrs. Claus there. She looked at both of them cautiously but never did cry.

And this is just a cute bath pic I wanted to share. She really doesn't want to use her bath ring anymore, which made it interesting for Grammie. Mom was just as wet as Natalie was afterwards.


Double Trouble

Well we still haven't managed to get the girls on the same nap schedule, but Sue's gonna have her hands full with these two. If they went up the steps once, they did it a hundred times. And it seemed they always wanted in her lap at the same time...Oh to be loved!

Playing at the top. Look at those innocent faces.

It's funny to watch the girls go down the steps. Kaitlyn flops down on her butt, while Natalie turns around and slides down.

And I don't know what Kaitlyn was saying, but she gave Daisy an earful for a good 15 minutes.

Natalie's getting closer to full on walking. We're down to one finger but she just hasn't worked up the courage to let go yet.

Taking a break in Papaw's chair.


Natalie's First Thanksgiving

We managed to make it to 3 different Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday. And I think Natalie ate at all 3 of them. She did great the whole time. I don't think she even took a nap until the short car ride back to Vann & Sue's house.

First stop was Granny's. Natalie got her first taste of mashed potatoes and loved them.

Brady and his M&M face.

And the newest little cousins, Kody 3wks. & Jackson 3mos.

Then we headed off to Nan's for a late lunch. Natalie managed to get a hold of Byron's green onion and chewed on it for awhile then she tried her first homemade sweet pickles (my fav). We still haven't found anything the kid won't eat yet.

Relaxing with Big Daddy after a big lunch.

We were trying to get a picture of her hat Sue made, but she wasn't having it.

Then we headed off to Vann & Sue's for dinner. Again, Natalie tried it all and loved it. But it was a short night. After being up all day and a short nap she called it quits pretty early.


Funny Photo

Byron sent this to me this morning. I hope it makes you smile. She's eating frozen apples out of her mesh feeder. I guess it made her gums feel better. And check out that Alfalfa hair :)


Rough Night, Happy Morning

We had a pretty rough night with Natalie. She woke up four different times, crying so hard, scaring Byron and me half to death. She's never woken up that much, not even as a newborn. We're pretty sure she's teething, but man, if Mom or Sue lived closer we probably would have called in reinforcements. But she woke up this morning happy as could be. I hope this was a one time thing and maybe in a week or so we'll have some smiling pictures with teeth in them.

Morning kisses from Mulligan.

Her new thing is to climb in and over stuff. Stairs, fireplace, toy shopping cart...nothing is off limits anymore.


First Attempt at Christmas Pictures

We attempted to take some pictures for our Christmas cards today. You'd think me being a designer this wouldn't be to hard. However Natalie wasn't in the mood. She wouldn't smile for the life of me. We thought we could get her and the dogs together, but that was asking way to much. But here are a few shots and maybe we can get a better one this weekend at Grammies. If not one of these may be on your cards...

This was probably my favorite, but still no smile.


Gimme Three Steps...

Or five. Natalie took her first few steps last night. In between timeouts of the UK game she would try and walk back and forth between Byron and I. Her main motivation was trying to get to my beer can. (Hey whatever works) She was so proud of herself and of course I immediately called Mom. She's getting braver but still prefers crawling since it's clearly faster.


The Youngest UK Fan!

Ok, I could not make this stuff up if I had too. I even witnessed it for my very own eyes. A while back Byron calls at work and tells me that Natalie sat with him and watched clips on coachcal.com. Really??? An infant sat perfectly still and watched the computer? Well it's true folks. This morning after roaming around our bathroom and playing peek a boo in the tub, Natalie was getting bored and I handed her off to Byron so I could finish getting ready for work.

This is what I walked out too... She sat in his lap for at least 15-20 minutes, with no other toys and not a peep came from her. Amazing! Aunt Amy will be very, very proud :)

She loves playing in the tub and it limits what trouble she can get into.


So close...

Natalie is on the verge of walking. Her balance has really improved, she loves holding on to our fingers and cruising around the house or yard, and she's even managed a step or two before falling down. You can tell she wants to be able to stand up and walk so bad, but she still gets a little nervous about letting go.

She either does this or bends over at the waist and sticks her little butt up in the air, but she can't quite stand up yet. But it's funny to watch her try.

And she still needs a little help from Daddy, but is getting better everyday.


Trick or Treat

Byron and I actually missed Natalie's first Halloween. But I made Sue swear she'd take pictures of Natalie while we were gone. However, Natalie didn't want to cooperate so I had to take some when we got back. It's hard to take a 9 month old trick or treating when they can't really walk or talk, plus it was getting close to bedtime, but she enjoyed watching the other kids in the neighborhood.

The one picture Natalie let Sue take.

My little sunflower...

While we were out taking pictures we made some in her other Halloween shirt. You'll notice she's clapping. Sue taught her to clap when you sing "If you're happy and you know it..." She just smiles and is so proud of herself when she does it. She's also getting good at throwing her arms up for a touchdown too, and shaking her fist in the air to "GO BIG BLUE" all thanks to Byron. He actually said she sat in his lap at the computer the other day and listened to a Coach Cal press conference. Man, she get's it honest!

Oh and if anyone is wondering, Byron and I had a great time on our trip. We got to eat and sleep when WE wanted. The weather was little overcast but still warm. It was just what we needed. Although five days without seeing my baby was a little hard. But I know she had a blast with Sue, who I'm sure spoiled her rotten :)