Natalie's First Thanksgiving

We managed to make it to 3 different Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday. And I think Natalie ate at all 3 of them. She did great the whole time. I don't think she even took a nap until the short car ride back to Vann & Sue's house.

First stop was Granny's. Natalie got her first taste of mashed potatoes and loved them.

Brady and his M&M face.

And the newest little cousins, Kody 3wks. & Jackson 3mos.

Then we headed off to Nan's for a late lunch. Natalie managed to get a hold of Byron's green onion and chewed on it for awhile then she tried her first homemade sweet pickles (my fav). We still haven't found anything the kid won't eat yet.

Relaxing with Big Daddy after a big lunch.

We were trying to get a picture of her hat Sue made, but she wasn't having it.

Then we headed off to Vann & Sue's for dinner. Again, Natalie tried it all and loved it. But it was a short night. After being up all day and a short nap she called it quits pretty early.

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