Mommy's Been Busy

For those of you not on Facebook, I've been quite the busy little seamstress lately.

This first dress was done for a friends little girl after she saw Nat's V-day dress.

This pretty aqua one went to another friend who has a daughter the same age as Natalie. This was my first time shirring. Let's just say my seam ripper was BFF that day. By the way, thread quality DOES matter :) Natalie was a little upset that I was shipping this one off and it wasn't hers. 

This next one is one of my pattern of the month club pattern for Feb. Yes, that's what I asked for for Christmas. It's called the Rose dress, but Nat refers to it as her Rosie dress. I accidentally mixed up the two ruffles so the the top is a little deeper than the bottom but Nat doesn't care.

The purple skirt is a pattern I tested for Ladybug Lane Creations. Nat LOVES it and had so much fun modeling it.  Next up I have a maxi dress in the works and pair of wide leg capris for the Spring!



Nuby Tub Time Turtle

So far Harper has had no issues with bath time. She loves to splash and kick around, play with the running water and adores when big sis decides to stop in for a visit.

One of her favorite toys from the get go was this Nuby Tub Time Turtle. I can't count how many times I've had to fill it up and hold it up so she "catch" the dripping water. Of course it doesn't hurt that the appendages are rubber and she can chew on them :)

You can get your own little turtle off amazon.com or cookieskids.com


The MOST Fun Ever!

I go to get Nat from school Wednesday and I always stop in her room first to gather any notes, homework and drawings she has accumulated throughout the day. Ms Andrea was inside with Mary Alice and Anna Claire who both had stirpped down to their undies.

As it turns out Nat, Kirsten, Mary & Anna had found a mud hole outside and decided to play in it. Nat had already changed her clothes but her jeans, shirts and boots were COVERED!

Her only response to the whole ordeal in the car was "Mom it was the most fun day ever!"


My Sweet Valentines

Finally the big day has come and gone. All our hard work paid off. Everyone loved Natalie's owl valentines and her teacher said the cookies were the best she had eaten in a long time. (Funny, they came from a box). Of course Natalie looked so cute in her 50s attire. She flaunted her stuff all around the house and through the hallways at school. She said she had fun at the dance and danced with Ms Deborah, Ella & Bryce.

Harper enjoyed her day at home tasting her Valentine cards from Grammie, Granny & Nan. Everything goes into her mouth these days and paper products are some of her favorites.
Ella Rose & Natalie

Natalie & Bryce
Natalie, Kirsten, Anna Claire & Ella Rose


Cookie Time

We pulled out all the stops this year for Valentines Day. First we made the Owls and now we are baking our own cookies for the big 50s party. The dough did come from a box and so did the icing but there was a little work involved (and lots of taste-testing). We ended up with heart-shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles, topped with hot pink icing and pink sprinkles, or sparkles as Nat likes to call them.

Our finished Valentine Owls!


My Little Princess

Some time ago Natalie saw a picture of me in my wedding dress. She refers to it as me in my princess dress. At first I had NO IDEA what she was referring to until she drug me to the photo at Mom's house.

A few weeks ago Natalie got to go over to Mary Alice's house for her birthday party. You could fill a walk in closet with the amount of dress clothes this child has. And out of all those clothes guess which one Natalie immediately had to put on?

Rebecca sent me this on the phone so excuse the quality, but how precious is she? Maybe one day she will want to wear my wedding dress and if not, that's ok too.


January Round Up

Just a quick recap of the last few weeks, then hopefully I'll be able to blog more regularly. Natalie has been so good with sleeping in her own. I know she still plays for 30 minutes or longer after I close the door, but she rarely comes out so I'll take it. We snapped this one afternoon during naptime. Bogey has definitely made the most out of him being allowed on the bed. We often find him in there way before bedtime :)

There's never a dull moment when we turn on Michael Jackson on Pandora. Natalie pulled out the big guns with the tutu, crown and pom-poms.


We finished up Natalie's Valentine box and owls. Unfornutaly I didn't get a "finished" picture of the owls, I forgot. I did get a picture of them before the wings.

Now that Bogey is allowed on Natalie's bed we often find him sneaking snuggles on the furniture.

And of course we watched the Super Bowl. Our menu consisted of a new creamy cheese dip, fried pickles and an attempt at our own corn dogs. The pickles were Nat's favorite and she even got to get her hands dirty and help Byron make them. Harper perused (or chewed up) the golf magazine most of the night.