My Sweet Valentines

Finally the big day has come and gone. All our hard work paid off. Everyone loved Natalie's owl valentines and her teacher said the cookies were the best she had eaten in a long time. (Funny, they came from a box). Of course Natalie looked so cute in her 50s attire. She flaunted her stuff all around the house and through the hallways at school. She said she had fun at the dance and danced with Ms Deborah, Ella & Bryce.

Harper enjoyed her day at home tasting her Valentine cards from Grammie, Granny & Nan. Everything goes into her mouth these days and paper products are some of her favorites.
Ella Rose & Natalie

Natalie & Bryce
Natalie, Kirsten, Anna Claire & Ella Rose

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Amy said...

Looks like Harper has a "nice ride"... I'm not sure about the driver though. Poodle skirts never looked so cute.