What's Summer Without Swimming?

Natalie absolutely loves taking a bath and Byron and I have not had the opportunity to take her to the pool all summer. So I went to Toys R Us and bought a kiddie pool. I was to nervous to put her in by herself and figured if I'm going to have to sit out in this heat I might as well join her.

We filled the pool that morning and it was plenty warm by that afternoon. To say she loved it would be an understatement. She kicked, splashed and squealed the whole time. She probably would have gone under had it been deep enough.

Working on her breast stroke.

She just couldn't figure out why Bogey wouldn't get in. He's the only Golden on the planet that HATES water...go figure.


Happy 1/2 Year!

When someone says your life changes forever when you have a baby they aren't joking. Of couse it's all for the better, and these past 6 months have been great. Sometimes Byron and I wonder why we didn't have kids sooner. She's truely the best part of both our days. Her smile can make all our worries melt away.

So at 6months Natalie had a great checkup. She weighed 16.5lbs and was 28 inches. The Dr. was impressed at how well she's developing. She can sit on her own with no problem, roll all over the place, play with toys in both hands. And my mom and dad swear she is starting to rock on her knees and hands. But until I see it, it hasn't happened :)

I took her back to JCPenny for pictures. She did alot better this time. It was hard for me to choose a favorite.


All Star Weekend

Going to a Cardinals game is always a good time, but getting to go for All Star Weekend was unbelievable. Neither one of us had been to the new stadium and Byron was like a kid at Christmas checking out all the All Stars, Hall of Famers and Erin Andrews :)

It almost rained us out Sunday for the Celebrity game. It was postponed over 3 hours but was very entertaining. Mike & Mike were the coaches (Natalie's favorite morning show hosts). Let's see, we saw Ozzie, Nelly, Chingy, Billy Bob Thornton, Shaun Johnson, Bobby Knight, and a ton more that I can't remember.

Monday we went over to the Fan Fare. They had a ton of games to play and a lot of Hall of Fame memorabilia. We had lunch down on the Landing then headed over to the park for the Home Run Derby. We even ran into a few mascots while walking around.

Tuesday we got up early and headed downtown to watch the "Red Carpet" Parade. We actually lucked out and found good spots in front of the hotel where the players were staying and the parade began.

Then we went straight to the ball park. The line to get in was crazy long and there was a ton of extra security since President Obama was throwing out the first pitch. All and all, we had a blast. It was an experience of a life time. Thanks Vann & Sue for taking us!

Yeah, that's a sniper on top of the stadium.


A Busy July Ahead

July is going to be a busy month for us in the Bryant family. Last Tuesday I turned the BIG 3-0! Byron and Natalie took me to eat Mexican. Of course Natalie showed out and we had to get our order to go. Byron got me the Twilight Series and we are heading to St. Louis for the All Star Festivities later this afternoon.

We boarded the dogs and headed home Friday. I've been wanting to get Natalie Baptized for some time now, but living 6 hours away it's hard to coordinate schedules. Luckily, Father Darrell was willing to do it Saturday after Mass. This worked out perfect because we had planned on leaving for St. Louis today and Mallery was having her baby shower.

I was a little worried Natalie would be to big for her Christening gown but we managed to get it over her head :) It's the same gown I wore 30 years ago. My MaMaw E made it and it has been worn by all the grand and great-grandkids. It was a very special moment.

I think she's saying her prayers here.

Father Darrell & Natalie

Godparents Nathan & April, Father, Nat, Me & Byron

Vann, Sue, Byron, Me, Nat, Mom & Dad
Granny & Louis
Nan and her girls
Great Grandkids - Brady, Daniel, Karly, Kaitlynn & Nat
(minus 2 on the way)

Tia and Jay were in from Alaska. It was so GREAT to see them. They have grown up so much in the past few years. I can remember when the were both Natalie's age. Yeah, I'm starting to feel old :)
Here's Tia, Nat and myself.

The Thompson's

The Toon's plus Kaitlynn sneaking in to be next to Karly.

Me and my angel.


Our Little Firecracker

Vann and Sue came down to spend the 4th of July and celebrate my birthday with us. I took Friday off work so us girls could drive over to Vicksburg and go to the outlet mall. Natalie was really good the whole time. She just loves to people watch and smile at everyone. Then Saturday we shopped around town and made a trip to Toys R Us. Nana thought Natalie needed some new toys :)
This is by far one of my favorite holidays. But this was probably the first year I haven't seen fireworks. That's kinda hard to do when your kid goes to bed at 7. Oh well, maybe next year! We had a lot of fun though. I always love when my parents or Byron's come to visit.