One More Christmas and PaPaw's Birthday

Natalie's going to love Christmas as she gets older. I think we've celebrated 4 times :) But when we got back Sunday we did our Bryant family Christmas. The girls got books, crayons, a dog bath towel and all sorts of goodies.

It was also Vann's birthday. He got the opportunity to cook of us all dinner. But I dont think he would have had any other way. Bryant men can be quite picky about their meat :) It was fun, short lived because Heather, Jason and Kaitlyn had to drive back to Huntsville the next morning, but we'll see them in a few days for NYE.

PaPaw and his girls.

Now it's time for a few days of R&R before driving down to Huntsville.
See ya'll in the New Year!

Off to Berea, KY

Byron, Nat and myself got up early the day after Christmas and drove up to Berea, KY to see Sue's family. They had already made the drive on Christmas and since Granny Dot had not met Natalie yet, we thought it would be nice to go and visit, even if it was just for the night.

And although we were pretty tired, it was absolutely worth it. I can't remember how many times Granny Dot said this was "the best Christmas ever" which made it all worth it. We had a lot of fun catching up with all of Byron's aunts, uncles and cousins. It's a lot like being at my Granny's with all the kids and noise.

Byron, Nat, Jason & Kaitlyn

She's become a real fan of wearing Daddy's hat.

And this starts our attempt to get all the great-grandkids picture. Minus Colton who wasn't there yet. From the left: Azlynn, Camden, Kaitlyn, Brayden, Natalie and Eli (who's my new buddy).

Kaitlyn, Callie (who you can barely see and looks so thrilled to have her picture taken) and Natalie.

Our little family.

Time to go to bed. She was a trooper the whole day.

We took off the next morning and headed back to Paducah for our Bryant Christmas and Vann's birthday after we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrell with Granny Dot first. I think Natalie enjoyed Uncle Hershell's Favorites as much as I did! It was nice to see everyone and we really make an effort to do it more.


Christmas Continued

So we continued our Christmas Day with a trip to Granny's in the afternoon. It's usually crazy (to put it mildly) over there. Even with Rusty and the kids in Alaska and Phill, Amber and their kids out of town, we still had a house full.
Some of the men. They tend to cluster together in the corners when the sisters get together.

April and Kody (about 1.5 months old)

Some of the grandkids fighting for a spot on the couch.

Nate, Grammie and Nat. They said they were in shunned to the other living room. LOL

Playing with her wooden cube from Jackson.

And her new SNOW boots. She was styling in these little mini UGG looking boots. Thanks Mal!

It was a busy day and our holiday travels aren't over yet. But it's always nice to spend time the people that mean the most in your life. We truly do cherish every minute of it.

Merry Christmas!!!

I'd say Natalie's first Christmas was a good one. She was up and ready to go at about 5a.m. We opened gifts at Grammie's first before heading back to Nan's for the best breakfast ever!

Nat and Daddy still a little sleepy.

Even Uncle Nate skipped duck hunting to be with Nat on her first Christmas.

Helping Grammie open her present.

Back at Nan's opening the first of many toys.

This was Amy's favorite. Had to include it :)

And the whole Sholar gang.


Christmas Eve

This was Natalie's first time to go to Mass and she was a perfect little angel through the whole thing. I absolutely love the dress that Sue made for her. Everyone was complimenting on it. She didn't cry one time and flirted with everyone around us :) Then we headed to Nan's house for a yummy dinner and quality time with Dad's family.

I think she just walked around and ate from everyone's plate.

And these are the cutest slippers EVER! I don't know where Angie found them but they were adorable and she loved wearing them.

Showing off her new Santa slippers.

My little Christmas angel.

Hanging with Granddaddy Nathan.

Sneaking into Big Daddy's chocolate covered cherries.

The best present under the tree...She loved pulling the bows off of all the gifts.


Happy Birthday Grammie!

Natalie just wanted me to come on here and wish Mom, I mean Grammie, a very Happy Birthday! We miss and love you very much. Can't wait to see you in less than a week.



We have a Tooth!

It's official, Natalie finally popped a tooth sometime Tuesday. You can't really see it, but I can feel it. FINALLY...seems like we've been waiting forever. It's one of the bottom middle teeth. I swear the tops are bumpy and we really thought those would come in first, but they may not be far behind. She's been really cranky and running a low grade fever for most of the week, so we'll see. Maybe this weekend we can try for a picture. Although it's so small it may not show up yet :)


On the Move

Well I finally got her on tape walking. She gets better each day. And I still get excited everytime she does it. Sometimes, if she's really excited, she'll come walking to you, arms wide open and her eyes closed, like she's thinking, someone please catch me.

Oh and excuse the messy room. Her favorite thing to do right now is throw all her toys on the floor, climb in the box and play.


Daddy's Little Wildcat

Natalie got to see a side of her Daddy Saturday afternoon that she (or Mulligan) had never seen before. UK's first "real" game vs North Carolina. I had to warn Byron beforehand that he'd have to watch his mouth but luckily they played well (the first half). He was like a kid in a candy store every time Wall dunked it! He was jumping up and down, hi-fiving Natalie, and yelling so much he scared Mulligan into the computer room :)

Natalie came prepared with her jersey Grammie and Big Daddy found her.

Watching intently :) Poor thing about broke her neck having to look up.

And then she got bored, but not bad for a 10 month old!

Oh and we're 8-0, by the way!!!!

Let It Snow!

This is the second year in a row we've had snow in Mississippi. Crazy. So of course when Natalie woke up Saturday I had to take her out in it. She didn't react like I thought she would. She hated it to say the least. But she tolerated it long enough for me to snap a few shots.

For a girl who has no problem picking up bugs or playing in the dogs bowl, she didn't want anything to do with the snow. Maybe it was all the clothes she had on. We had to layer a lot because we weren't exactly prepared for this. Oh well, there's always next year.

What's this white stuff on my jeans?


Getting Ready for Christmas

Let me just say I love this time of year, decorating our house and tree. But I was a little nervous that my "little helper" might break something. So far Natalie's done really well. She helped me get out all my boxes and even unpacked a few :) Mulligan, on the other hand, growled and wouldn't go near it for the better part of Friday evening.

We started by getting out some of the little stuff. I let her inspect a cookie jar Granny had given me. Surprisingly it's still in one piece.

Hello....anyone home.

Then Byron brought down the tree and plugged it in. Still not much of a reaction, but check out Mulligan on the side.

Natalie was more interested in opening the boxes and pulling everything out.

She wasn't to sure about this guy. She poked and pulled at it. Maybe she thought it was suppose to talk to her because she finally sat in front of it, whining at it.


A Few More Steps

Well Natalie finally took off on her own last night. She was standing near the fire place and came barreling towards me on the couch. It was so funny and she just laughed and made that silly face the whole time. She did it again later. She was standing over by Byron chair and came right over to the couch.

And we would also like to wish Big Daddy (my dad) Happy 51st Birthday and Aunt Rosie and Uncle Mike Happy 27th Anniversary. Miss and Love you guys!