Weekend Wrap-Up

So it seems that the only time we do much of anything it's on the weekends. So here's this weekend's wrap-up (I'm out of cute titles)

Storms blew through around 2p.m. on Friday. They even let me go home early to avoid the bad stuff. YEAH!!! We did get a little hail but no tornadoes. Actually we didn't even get thunder and lightening, just some heavy, sporadic showers. Enough to knock the satellite out. But have no fear, a Tigger Movie and her stroller entertained her long enough for me to pick up the living room and do the dishes.

Nat and I even managed to get out and play a little Friday afternoon. She got a little damp, but trust me, she didn't melt :) She found Byron's glove he wears when grilling. I think she was trying to tell him she was ready for him to start cooking her hotdogs.

She doesn't like it now that the door is shut. We had to breakdown and turn the air on and she can't come and go as she pleases.

Saturday was a little overcast and still rainy but we got up early and went to Belk to get Byron some shorts. We tried to have lunch at Cheddars but Nat skipped her morning nap and wasn't feeling it. So to avoid a meltdown and tornadoes (according to mom & dad) we packed up and went home. She didn't make it out of the parking lot and preceded to sleep for the next 3 hours. We went for a nice long walk later in the afternoon once the weather cleared out.

Sunday her and I got out and returned some things to Target. We just happened to stop by Kohl's and they had the cutest little outdoor table on sale. So I got one to go with Nat's chair. She LOVES it! Pick cup up, take a drink, set cup back on table. She did numerous times and giggled each time. We layed out in yard watching the clouds and even busted out some sidewalk chalk. She didn't eat it this time but the dogs tried to. It was a nice day, one I'm sure that will forever put a smile on my face.

Nat with her big girl table. I may even get her a little flower to go on top since she insist on digging in mine.

Can you see Mulligan? You may have to click on it to enlarge it. He's down in the lilies, Nat is yelling "Bog" at him and Bogey is staring at him like he's crazy. Yep, that's Byron's dog.

Mulligan may be more her size and he gets mostly kisses, but Bogey's so soft she usually bear hugs him. Byron and I get jealous sometimes of all the attention they receive.



Nat's almost gotten over this cold/allergy/ear infection/molars stuff and her mood is improving daily. Saturday it was beautiful outside, we just couldn't stay indoors all day. We went mid-morning back to the Farmer's Market to purchase some flowers and mulch. On the way back I heard an advertisement for WaterFest down at the Reservoir. After we dropped off our goodies we had a quick lunch and headed back out to all the festivities. WaterFest is an annual event to raise awareness about water conservation. Most of the booths were more for older kids so Nat and I just walked around, ate some ice cream, danced to some Blue Grass music and played in the sandbox (we gotta get one of those, she loves digging in it).

And these were from cooking dinner. Her appetite is slowing but surely returning. She just couldn't turn down licking the beater, and going back for seconds on the mashed taters.


15 Months

At 15 months Nat weighed in at 20.6lbs and was almost 33inches tall. She's managed to get her first ear infection this week, but other than that the Dr was pleased with how she was developing. She still only says about 3 words (Bog, Hi and Dad) on a regular basis but she comprehends what we ask and say to her. Her motor skills are excellent. I swear the child is trying to jump, flat footed, off the floor. She's getting better at using utensils, climbs like a monkey and babbles non-stop.

Looking all grown up in her little dress in front of her own little chair.


The Joy of Nana & Bubbles

Sue has been down to watch Natalie all week while Byron gets caught up on his spring yard work. It's hard to do much on the weekends when one of us has to constantly watch Natalie. And while Byron's been slaving away all day in the yard, Nat has got to spend some quality time with Nana. And if she keeps up her current attitude Sue may even have a companion on her ride back home.

These are just pictures of Natalie and Sue playing with her bubble wand she got from the Easter Bunny. Oh and you should see Mulligan's vertical when chasing down the bubbles...VERY IMPRESSIVE!


Texas Roundup

Friday afternoon Nat and I set out on a little road trip to meet up with some mommy friends of mine. They all have babies around Natalie's age and we decided to pick a central location to have a little "Texas Roundup". So off to Tyler, TX we went. It was about a 5 hour drive. Nat did very well, she's almost got this driving thing down pat. We had a pizza and pool party Friday night and a trip to the Zoo on Saturday before heading back to MS.

I forgot my camera but luckily everyone else took enough pictures to make up for it. Nat didn't recognize there were animals in some of the exhibits but she loved the fish, meerkats, elephants, giraffes and penguins. However, she yelled "Bog" non-stop at them to the point it was almost annoying.

Friday night after the pool, which Nat loved by the way, we had an impromptu slumber party in our room. We stayed with Karen & Ty, but Ty was out of it by 8, but Kyndall and Gabby still came up to visit.

Gabby, Nat & Kyndall. I don't know what she was doing but I promise she wasn't hitting her.

Saturday morning we got up and had a little shower for Hilary and her two boys, Mateo and Isaac, at Chick-fil-A. The kids got to run around in their indoor playground before heading back to the rooms for a quick nap.

Nat & Kyndall trying to figure out the slide. Nat wanted to climb up it instead of slide down.

Kyndall, Blaike, Nat & Connor

Nat, Me, Karen & Ty.

Finally at the zoo. The whole gang from the left: Karen, Ty, Hillary, Mateo, Isaac, Brandii, Blaike, Kim, Kyndall, Angela, Connor, Stacy, Gabby, Me and Natalie.

Nat, Me, Kyndall & Kim.

Carissa, Hillary and Mateo. Isaac's in the back just sleeping away.

The stroller parade.

Kyndall & Connor

Me and Nat

Nat talking to Ty during lunch. They shared lunchables :)

Brandii and her mom, Carissa and Hillary.

Nat and myself checking out the Elephants.

Sitting in an elephants foot print.

They also had a sandbox for the kiddos to play in. Nat took right to it. She kept trying to dump full bucket of sand over her which made for a nice diaper change.


Easter Sunday

We all managed to make it to Sunday Mass on time. Nat was in desperate need of a nap but she did really well. Father let all the children come down for an egg and then she fell asleep with about 15 minutes left. Then we stopped by Granny's to visit with them one last time before we headed home.

I realize I never took a picture of Nat with all her Easter goodies, but I promise the Easter Bunny was very good to Nat :) She got bubbles, crayons, chalk, coloring books, candy, a tent, stuffed bunny (I'm sure I'm missing things) and almost a whole new wardrobe. Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny.

Mom and Nat outside of church.

She just wandered through the crowd smiling at everyone.

Granny & Nat

She just loves opening and trying to put the eggs back together.

And this was just to funny. On our drive I guess Nat was trying to tune us out. I was sitting in the back pretending to be asleep, in hopes she'd fall asleep, look over and this is what she was doing. I thought Byron and I were going to die from laughing so hard.


Sunny Saturday

Saturday we had planned on visiting Nan and Granddaddy that morning, but little miss decided to take a two hour nap. So we were a little late, but they didn't mind. Nan had bought her a little Easter basket filled with bubbles, candy, toys and a little stuffed duck that quacks if you squeeze its belly.

We came home for a bit to get ready for our Easter dinner at Karla's. Since we were heading back Sunday afternoon we did our family dinner on Saturday. It was so good. Turkey, ribs and all the fixins. People can't believe Nat only weighs about 21lbs with all the food she can put away!

Playing outside with Grammie, trying out her new sidewalk chalk from the Easter bunny.

Check out her hair just a blowing in the wind.

Wonder what this would taste like....?

This is something new she's doing. If she falls down she just lays there, usually to see if anyone is watching her. Most of the time if I act like I didn't see her she'll just get up and shrug it off. Can we say Drama Queen???

We finally made it over to Karla's. Grammie pushing Nat in the swing. She actually likes this one. I think Grammie pushed her for a good 30 minutes and she almost fell asleep.

Nate and Lynnley

Time for the egg hunt. Nat ended up with two, just like last time and was content :)

Brady and Dad counting his millions..LOL

And poor Danny trying his hardest to find a four-leaf clover. I think Nate ended up finding 4-four leafs and 2-five leaf clovers.