Weekend Wrap-Up

So it seems that the only time we do much of anything it's on the weekends. So here's this weekend's wrap-up (I'm out of cute titles)

Storms blew through around 2p.m. on Friday. They even let me go home early to avoid the bad stuff. YEAH!!! We did get a little hail but no tornadoes. Actually we didn't even get thunder and lightening, just some heavy, sporadic showers. Enough to knock the satellite out. But have no fear, a Tigger Movie and her stroller entertained her long enough for me to pick up the living room and do the dishes.

Nat and I even managed to get out and play a little Friday afternoon. She got a little damp, but trust me, she didn't melt :) She found Byron's glove he wears when grilling. I think she was trying to tell him she was ready for him to start cooking her hotdogs.

She doesn't like it now that the door is shut. We had to breakdown and turn the air on and she can't come and go as she pleases.

Saturday was a little overcast and still rainy but we got up early and went to Belk to get Byron some shorts. We tried to have lunch at Cheddars but Nat skipped her morning nap and wasn't feeling it. So to avoid a meltdown and tornadoes (according to mom & dad) we packed up and went home. She didn't make it out of the parking lot and preceded to sleep for the next 3 hours. We went for a nice long walk later in the afternoon once the weather cleared out.

Sunday her and I got out and returned some things to Target. We just happened to stop by Kohl's and they had the cutest little outdoor table on sale. So I got one to go with Nat's chair. She LOVES it! Pick cup up, take a drink, set cup back on table. She did numerous times and giggled each time. We layed out in yard watching the clouds and even busted out some sidewalk chalk. She didn't eat it this time but the dogs tried to. It was a nice day, one I'm sure that will forever put a smile on my face.

Nat with her big girl table. I may even get her a little flower to go on top since she insist on digging in mine.

Can you see Mulligan? You may have to click on it to enlarge it. He's down in the lilies, Nat is yelling "Bog" at him and Bogey is staring at him like he's crazy. Yep, that's Byron's dog.

Mulligan may be more her size and he gets mostly kisses, but Bogey's so soft she usually bear hugs him. Byron and I get jealous sometimes of all the attention they receive.

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Amy said...

Hey Natalie, it's your Aunt Amy. I love the table.. You need to get your mom/dad to teach you to make a big "UK" when you get good with the chalk.
Love you all... Amy