Easter Sunday

We all managed to make it to Sunday Mass on time. Nat was in desperate need of a nap but she did really well. Father let all the children come down for an egg and then she fell asleep with about 15 minutes left. Then we stopped by Granny's to visit with them one last time before we headed home.

I realize I never took a picture of Nat with all her Easter goodies, but I promise the Easter Bunny was very good to Nat :) She got bubbles, crayons, chalk, coloring books, candy, a tent, stuffed bunny (I'm sure I'm missing things) and almost a whole new wardrobe. Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny.

Mom and Nat outside of church.

She just wandered through the crowd smiling at everyone.

Granny & Nat

She just loves opening and trying to put the eggs back together.

And this was just to funny. On our drive I guess Nat was trying to tune us out. I was sitting in the back pretending to be asleep, in hopes she'd fall asleep, look over and this is what she was doing. I thought Byron and I were going to die from laughing so hard.


Flossie said...

Love the Easter dress...very cute!

Julia said...

Thanks. Byron's mom made it.