All I Want For Christmas

Now we all know what Natalie will want for Christmas! She lost her two front teeth within a week. They're falling out just like they came in, 2 at a time.


Trip to Le Bonheur

We decided to drive up to Memphis to get a second opinion and hopefully more in-depth answers about Natalie's seizures.

I took my sewing machines and some fabric to work on while we stayed. Nat thought it made a better pillow during the drive.

Natalie trying out the new socks they gave her.
The bazillion wires attached to her head for extended EEG. It wasn't as bad as it looked. Now getting all the glue out, that was the real pain!

Harper got to stay with Nana and PaPaw while we spent about 3 days there. I think she missed her big sis.



Natalie was a lot more enthusiastic about her 30 lap fun run this time around. Plus she was one of the top earners!


Goofing Off

The weather is still nice and we are enjoying every minute of it and you can't beat the entertainment!
Who doesn't love a "whip and nae nae-ing" princess?

She's just so graceful too.
We started practicing our name, not bad for 3.

Later Natalie started dinner for us. She feels about like her Daddy when it comes to cutting up chicken.



The girls decided months ago they wanted to be characters from the Inside Out Movie, Disgust and Sadness. I think they really just wanted to spray their hair green and blue but we went with it.

Well, they totally nailed the personalities of these costumes. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

And Harper was just made for her Sadness outfit. Those cheeks and glasses just had everyone laughing.

We also dressed up at work. I had to dust off my "Something About Mary" wig. Later at the neighbors, in a last minute decision, Byron decided to be Brett Farve (her date in the movie).