A White Christmas!!

Well Grammie got her Christmas wish...a white Christmas! When we left Mass the night before it had already started. Nat had to get down and play in it. It's a rare sighting for us Mississippians. It it continued for most of Christmas day.

The view from Nans.

Ok back to the real fun stuff. This is before the blow up of bows, boxes and wrapping paper. And yes, the majority of those are for Nat. I think Nate was a little jealous.

Nat up to her ears in gifts. Let me just note that our child is the slowest gift opener I know for an (almost) 2 year old. I mean it's painful to watch. Tear off one little piece, hand it to someone because it's "trash" and repeat. We were late getting to Nan's for breakfast because of it :)

Of course at it was all said and done, what'd she do? She went and played with a toy she got last year...kids.

A couple of her favs... her pillow pet, aquadoodle and a some light up toy that was in her stocking.

We finally made it to Nan's for the best breakfast. Mike made Natalie the cutest little chair with her name engraved in it and everything. Amy & Angie got her some really cute outfits that she thought were so "pretty" and Nan got her a play kitchen type of toy. Now if we can only find room to get it all home and we weren't even done!

One more round at Granny's and we were all spent. Pretty sure Nat and Grammie went home and took a 3 hour nap before we headed over to Karla's for some friendly poker and board games.

Nat & Aunt Karla in deep conversations.

My little "Who" If I heard it once, I heard it a million times.

I must say that I try and keep this blog light hearted and mainly about Nat's life, but this Christmas was very bittersweet. My Granddaddy didn't get to spend it with us this year due to being in the hospital and it really makes you want to cherish every moment you have with each other and truly celebrate the reason for the season. Great now I'm tearing up. Just make sure you say I love you and give extra hugs to those closest to you.

See y'all in the new year!


Family Tradition

Christmas Eve we spent with my parents. I think we have started a new tradition with Nat. Christmas Eve Mass and making Mom's famous chocolate pies. They are to die for, and a must at any family gathering.

Nat was learning all of Grammie's secrets. I about spazzed out when I came downstairs. If you notice her hand is on the burner but no worries, Mom hadn't turned it on yet. Heart attack over.

And unfortunately this was the only pic I got of her all dressed up for Mass. She looked so cute in her little sweater dress and boots. She enjoyed every bit of the children's program but not the guy singing behind us, loud and off key.


Early Christmas with Nana & PaPaw

Natalie was spoiled once again this year with all her presents. I think she got to open gifts for almost 3 days straight. Thursday morning we got up and did our Christmas with Vann & Sue before they left to visit with their families in N.C. & Berea.

Natalie waiting patiently for Byron and I to get all the cameras out, hook them up, change batteries, etc.. needless to say we weren't well prepared.

Her new camera. Maybe now she'll leave mine alone...maybe.


Santa's Newest Reindeer

Natalie's been auditioning to be an extra reindeer for Santa :) I stumbled upon these amidst all the decorations. I actually bought them last year for the dogs to wear (yeah right) but Nat loves them.
The cutest little reindeer EVER!! Watch out Rudolph.

Decking the Halls

Well after two long days the tree is up, the stockings have been hung with care and although we nixed the icicle lights I still managed to hang my wreaths and bows outside. And I had the BEST little helper (and Byron too).

The sweetest part was when she woke up Sunday morning to nothing being plugged in and I hear "oh no, it broke." The joy on her face once everything is plugged in is priceless.

Checking to make sure all the lights work.

"Go Blue" they may have lost but it wasn't from lack of support from Nat.

Although we did lose interest when everyone started fouling out.

Time for the tree, she got to do all the non-breakables.


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Santa was nice enough to make a pit stop in his very busy schedule to see the kiddos at Barnes & Noble tonight during the Rennaissance's Open House. I bribed Byron into going by telling him we could eat at Five Guys (best burgers in Jackson).

Afterwards we headed over to B&N, sipped some hot chocolate (which Nat spit back out because it was lukewarm) and listened to the Madison Station Children's Choir before finally getting to see the big guy in red.

Nat was very content in just playing with the train table.

Showing all the books to Daddy.

This was her "hot chocolate" aka a cup full of whip cream. She had it all over face and it was so cute. She looked up at this one little boy and gave him a big ol' grin and I think he thought she was crazy. Probably not the best way to win his heart, but I can't blame her for trying, he was very handsome...LOL

She didn't hesitate to go to Santa. She even blew him a kiss as we left which should definitely earn her a spot on the nice list.


Thanksgiving in KY

Naturally we drove home to be with our families for Thanksgiving. We ate turkey and dressing at least 3 different times, and Nat had her share of all it. If we're lucky she might actually pack on a pound or two before her 2 year old appointment :)
First stop Nans, she couldn't decide if she wanted to watch the football game or eat.

Later that evening at Nana's. She just couldn't wait to dig into the pie.

Mulligan, full and sleeping. Imagine that.

Trying to get ready to head back to Grammies. This is what she managed to do while I was getting ready. I don't even know where all the rubber bands came from.

Helping Grammie put up her tree. She literally got in and closed the top of it on herself. Silly girl.

And this is what they wanted to play in while we were loading up the cars Sunday morning. Kaitlyn, Natalie and two empty beer boxes.