Thanksgiving in KY

Naturally we drove home to be with our families for Thanksgiving. We ate turkey and dressing at least 3 different times, and Nat had her share of all it. If we're lucky she might actually pack on a pound or two before her 2 year old appointment :)
First stop Nans, she couldn't decide if she wanted to watch the football game or eat.

Later that evening at Nana's. She just couldn't wait to dig into the pie.

Mulligan, full and sleeping. Imagine that.

Trying to get ready to head back to Grammies. This is what she managed to do while I was getting ready. I don't even know where all the rubber bands came from.

Helping Grammie put up her tree. She literally got in and closed the top of it on herself. Silly girl.

And this is what they wanted to play in while we were loading up the cars Sunday morning. Kaitlyn, Natalie and two empty beer boxes.

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Flossie said...

LOVE the picture of Mulligan! Maddie lazed around for a couple of days after Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure she had a belly ache.