Moon Dough Sunday

We've been enjoy our weekends at home doing as little as possible. Other than sneaking down to the playground after naps we've been pretty lazy. The weather's been hit or miss with rain so we've had to find things to do indoors.

This is where the moon dough comes into play. Byron saw a commercial for it on Nick Jr and thought it was really cool looking. When I came home Thursday from work I surprised him (not Nat) with a little mini kit. Well let's just say we aren't fans. It doesn't stick together very well, it just crumbles and leaves little pieces everywhere. If you are going to use it just be prepared to get the vacuum out afterwards or have a drop cloth that you can just take outside and shake off.

Of course Nat loves it. She thinks it is so neat to shove the dough in the house and out pops this little dog. So we got up this morning put the tarp down and let her play.

Cranking out a little dog.

The many face of Nat, showing off her dog. She gives it a little kiss before she shoves it back into the house.

Making a T-bone for her dog to eat. It's a really neat toy but look at all the pieces on the mat. I think a couple of cans of play dough may be in our future.

Later in the afternoon we switched to crayons.

And when all else fails...get out the shopping cart. She loves to be pushed around while Mulligan nips at her feet. Anything that aggravates Mulligan is fun to her.

And as the day comes to an end, the whole gang snuggles up on the couch. Nat & Mulligan often fight over Byron's lap :)

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Flossie said...

Oh my gosh...LOVE the couch pictures! Poor Bogey looks so persecuted!