PJ/School Spirit Day

I think Harper could get use to wearing her PJs to school everyday, I mean, who couldn't?

Natalie was supposed to show her school spirit by either wearing their NWRE tshirts or by wearing the school colors (black, white, gold). Well, their school shirts are like hunter orange, Nat doesn't even want to wear it to the field trip much less on any other day. I was going to make her a shirt but that fell through. She has a super cute yellow shirt but opted for this little b/w number with her pink boots (of course).

She even has two Fancy Farm shirts that she wanted no part of either. She's just to prissy for her own good I guess..lol


Camo Day

For the life of me I couldn't find anything in my huge tote of size 2 clothes that came in camo. No worries, 30 mins on the sewing machine and H had a cute new pair of ruffle, flannel camo pants. Cute and cozy for this chilly morning.

Nat thinks they look like boy pants, imagine that. Good thing H picked out the biggest pink bow she owns to pair with them. ;)
Nat has given up on dress up week, she says it's silly. You gotta pick your battles and this one I'm just going to let slide.


Tacky Tuesday

Harper ROCKED it!

She loves picking out her own clothes so today was easy peasy. Natalie didn't want to do it. Instead she wore 3 different shades of blue, which to her, didn't match.


Homecoming Week

This week is Homecoming for Northwest Rankin, which means everyday the girls are to dress up as something different. I had no idea daycare's show their school spirit too so yes, both girls have a dress up schedule this week.
Anyways, today is Superhero for Nat and crazy hair/socks for Harper. (I was totally gonna let H rock some bed head, because believe me, that morning 'do is C.R.A.Z.Y.) Nat was a little hesitant to dress up. I wanted to go all out, full-on pink ninja turtle costume but we settled for a girly t shirt and tutu.

This pretty much sums up our morning and trying to get everyone out the door. One is always a grump and one is fairly content. Worst case, they are both grumps and I'm not sure both have ever been happy :)
Tomorrow is mismatch day. We'll see if my little OCD 5 year old actually goes through with wearing clothes that don't match. 


Pumpkin Painting

We finally made some time to get into the Fall/Halloween spirit. We met up with some other moms and kids in the neighborhood for a pumpkin painting party. Nat had been talking about it all week. We were suppose to do it Monday but the storms changed our plans.

Harper couldn't believe I was going to let her paint on something that wasn't paper. My favorite saying to both girls (especially at Harper's age) is... "We ONLY paint, color, mark, on paper".  Pretty sure Natalie went to preschool telling all the other kids this..lol

Check out that concentration.


I Spy

Two goobers who have been digging through my racks in the sewing room :)  This just happens to be what both girls will be for Halloween, but those costumes will be much fancier...of course.


MS State Fair

Natalie was out of school for fall break yesterday and today. I don't work on Monday's and I thought she might enjoy the fair. We haven't been since she was Harper's age, she didn't even remember it. I was little worried that she wouldn't want to ride the rides boy was I WRONG! We took Kaylee (our neighbor's daughter) with us. Those two had a blast. Natalie rode everything, no fear or hesitation. I tried to keep up but the Zero Gravity Tilt-a-whirl thing about did me in.

First up were the swings. Nat loves to swing, and it's even better when you don't have to push yourself!

This was just an obstacle course. Nat wasn't to impressed with those. 

This one was just about did us both in. It was so jerky and Natalie didn't care for that. We had to take a seat for a minute after it, at least until she saw the rollarcoaster.
 Hands down, their fav was the water slide. They rode it 3 times before I drug them away.

Surprisingly, Natalie didn't care for this. I'm not sure why but I believe the harness was riding up and giving her a very uncomfortable wedgie.