We Have Decked the Halls

Christmas is on full swing in our house. After my last craft show Saturday I promised Natalie we would drag out our trees and decorate. And other than the dogs eating a couple of Natalie's ornaments, only one thing has been broken and it's nothing a little super glue won't fix.

Note to self: Buy H a tree for her room next year. She didn't like that Natalie had one in her room and she didn't.

Harper quickly got hungry and lost interest in actually putting ornaments on the tree :)

This little musical ice skater is by far their favorite. It plays music and the two figures dance around, but H broke the little boy dancer so it's been retired to a higher shelf.

This snowman however we have a love/hate relationship with. It cheers at you and goes off with the slightest movement. Needless to say it's been banned to playroom with the door shut.

Natalie really enjoyed getting the nativity out and placing all the figurines around and in the stable.


Castlewoods Food Drive

Byron and the girls went to help with the Food Drive in our neighborhood while I worked a craft fair last weekend. He was worried they'd get bored and cranky but that wasn't the case at all!


Kansas City Southern Holiday Express

I thought this would be fun to take the girls to BUT I had no idea how many people would show up for it. We got there at 5 and did not leave until 7:30 and we didn't even stay to get pics with Santa! It's definitely not something we will go to again. Maybe, MAYBE if I had a train-loving boy but my two (and Byron) were over it before it started. Lots of chips and dips and hot chocolate was promised while standing in line :)

We finally made it on the train.



This is what it looks like. That last hour home is always sketchy. Gummy savers and slushies did the trick this time.


Warm and Toasty

I remember doing this at home until I thought my feet would burn off!


Christmas in November

While I was tempted to get the trees out, we settled on doing Christmas crafts all week instead.