New Dress...New Boots

I found some boots from a lady in our subdivision, 3 pairs actually, and I can't wait for it to turn cold enough for Harper to wear them properly. Not so sure they "go" with this dress, but choose your battles--right? The dress is a sample of something I'll be offering in the next month or so. She's turning into quite the model..lol


My 1st Grader

It's that time of year again. Time to get back into our routines and start a new school year. My sweet, tan-legged big girl is off to first grade!

She's finally growing into that backpack :)

Completely mortified that 1-I made her stand here to take a picture and 2-that I was determined to go in with her and take a picture with her teacher. First grade and she's already embarrassed of me!

Ms Chambers

And not to be left out. Harper started her new 3 year old class this week too. I'm excited about her having a new (sterner) teacher and is back with some of her old friends. 


Granny's Crew

So we got in the mood to take some family pictures after the parade. Of course this is maybe only half of us but it's the best we could do :)
Grandkids and spouses.
 Just the grandkids.
Grammie and her babies.

Great grandkids
 And an outtake while everyone had to wait for Levi to finish in the bathroom.

Harper Turns 3!

My baby is "phree" as she likes to say it! I can't believe it either. This little spitfire is something else too. Some highlights from the birthday parties...

First up was cupcakes and gifts at Nana's. 

This my favorite picture, even if it's blurry it totally sums up Harper's personality.

Sisterly love at its finest :)

Then we celebrated at Granny's before the parade and fireworks.

We took cupcakes to the school when we got back for one last hoorah! And her super sweet afternoon teacher ordered pizza for them.

Fun in KY

We spent a full week in KY and enjoyed every minute of it. We saw two great firework shows, swam, had a few birthday parties, visited with everyone and ate more than one could imagine.

Natalie really enjoyed hanging out with Kaitlyn. Unfortunately they don't see each other too often. But when they do get together....they are a hoot!

It rained the first few days so we took the girls to chuck-e-cheese. Mine had never been but you couldn't tell it. They played all the games!

We had breakfast with Nan, Angie and Amy. 

The girls got to swim. Thank goodness Lynnley was with me to help keep up with them in the water! They even got their annual cat fix.

Natalie and Harper also rode in the parade. Harper made it to Granny's house before she had had enough (and saw me). But Nat was the cutest little hula girl, just a "whip and nae nae-ing" with Brady.



Yummy Milkshakes!

Friday we decided to venture out of our chips and dip comfort zone and try a new place. Well the food was not so good. It's sad when your kids hotdogs are better than your patty melt and burger. But have no fear their milkshakes more than made up for the sub-par food. 

Next time Byron says we should just go eat Pig and Pint around the corner then swing by and have a milkshake :) Our kids are so plain jane too when it comes to ice cream. Natalie wanted a "white" one, whip cream and one cherry. Harper wanted chocolate only.  But they both still ate a good bit of the Ginger Honey one Byron and I split.

They gave the girls hats to decorate. Natalie let me borrow hers. I still can't believe this little goober is going to be 3 in a few short weeks.
This is Nat's "freeze brain" picture. 

And not to be left out Harper & her chocolate shake.