Happy Monday!

Why am I so happy on this rather gloomy (outside) Monday? Because Kentucky is playing for the Championship tonight!!! Poor Byron has to work all day, as do most of you so here are some pics to cheer to you up. GO BIG BLUE!

I haven't posted because Byron and I took a little trip to New Orleans to see our first NBA game. We couldn't have gotten better seats. Second row, center court.
Grammie and Big Big came down to watch the girls. The wait just about killed them.

Just some funny outtakes from the week. This is Harper's face when you ask her to say "Go BLUE"
We've been (slowing) entering into potty training. I'm pretty sure when she walks up to you and says "it's stinky" but hasn't pooped yet, it's time to start. Actually following through is where we are stuck at. But I'll take it. A month ago, she was afraid to sit on the potty, so it's progress...very slow progress :)

Two sassy, silly and sweet girls. HAPPY MONDAY!


A Wardrobe of Many Colors

Harper has been reaping the benefits of me testing patterns lately. Nat is in an "anti-ruffle" phase and, well, Harper doesn't have a choice :)


Little Snapshots

Our week in Instagram for those not on Facebook

Pretending to nap with Elmo.
 This is what a dozen doughnut holes and two pink sprinkle doughnuts bought me.
Harper is what may be her Easter dress, watering the sidewalk.
The dogs got an extra snack this afternoon.
Again with the water hose and taking no prisoners.


March Madness

The weather has been AH-mazing the last few weeks. So nice, that our all our shrubs are already pruned. We (mainly Byron) just need to mow the yard and put down some mulch. We kept the kids entertained with golf clubs and corn hole :)

Just for reference, Nat can still fit inside the cornhole board.