Snaggle Tooth

Natalie FINALLY lost her two bottom teeth. She's about half a snaggle tooth since her the other two teeth are half way through already. Byron pulled them this morning and she didn't even flinch. Needless to say she is checking her smile in the mirror every 5 seconds and can't wait for the tooth fairy to come.


UK Basketball & Snow

Call us crazy but we never do anything spontaneous with the girls. But when you're given free tickets and a parking pass to go see the #1 team in the nation, it's hard to pass that up. Even if there is a winter storm warning across the state.

We loaded up the girls, snacks, an overnight bag (just in case) and headed to Starkville yesterday afternoon. 5 miles from campus and the snow finally started falling. We were over 2 hours early so we pulled into Buffalo Wild Wings and waited for awhile. Harper had never seen snow so she went out and played in it a bit. Which surprised us all really.

Harper did scream Hotty Toddy once during the fight song. As if it wasn't bad enough she was smoothered in blue, now she's yelling for State's arch-enemy. LOL

The girls LOVED the game. They immediately spotted Bully and Harper had to take her picture with him. I saw a ton of people from Mayfield/Fancy Farm. I almost hopped right on the bus with them. We had amazing seats. Nat couldn't get over how big they all were. And Byron swears Towns feet are the size of boats.

All in all, we are glad we went. It was little rough getting out of Starkville, but 30 minutes out we were back on relatively clear roads and no snow.


Pictures From School

I love it when Ms Bre sends me pictures of Harper from school. Obviously these were not taken this week but they are just H and some of buddies, Parker and Landon.


City Girl Smores

Natalie had this wonderful idea that they should try and roast marshmallows with the heater after their bath one night. I didn't have the heart to tell she was silly so, yeah, this happened.

Harper gave up two seconds after this was snapped. Natalie did get hers kinda gooey but Byron saved the day with some leftover fondue chocolate in the microwave.


My Sweet Valentines

The girls had an awesome Valentine weekend. They received goodies at school, cards in the mail and they finally got their packages from Grammie & Big Big on Saturday. Natalie literally stalked the mail man truck all day waiting for them and they were not disappointed.

I can't even remember what all was in the baskets but they were crammed full. They immediately had to open the gum, blow bubbles and put on their sunglasses to serenade me.

For our Valentine dinner we decided to fondue with the girls. Natalie loves this and I'm not sure the last time we did it but I know Harper was young enough she probably slept through it all. I'm not going to lie, it more chaotic than romantic but they thought it was fun. I can't even count how many marshmallows Harper shoved in her mouth for dessert.

My 3 Sweet Valentines


Valentines Is In The Books

This year I only had to make Valentines, no boxes. I'll admit I was little sad but we made up for it by making some treats to take to school.
Strawberry wafers dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles, they were so addicting.

Natalie decorated cookies and Harper & I played cards. Well we played something and I'm pretty sure I lost..lol  Sneaky thing kept hiding cards and shuffling all the time.

Natalie took Olaf's to school and Harper went with Mickey/Minnie Valentines. All ideas came from Pinterest.

We also had Natalie's Boosterthon/Fun Run today. Let's just say she did her 35 laps but she's not going to be my athletic one. 5 laps in and it was ... "I have dirt in my eye, my side hurts, where's the water, how many more?"  But she survived.


Winter In Mississippi

This year's "winter" has been super mild. The girls were outside most of the week in t shirts and flip flops! Scooters, bikes and cozy coupes lined the driveway.

When your 6 year old, who is as tall as some 8 year olds tries to cram herself in the coupe...sometimes they just have to learn things on their own. She literally had to crawl out while I pulled from the other side!

Harper INSIST on wearing the glasses like this.