Natalie the Mud Bug

This child can find joy in the smallest things and one of her favorites is a good water/mud puddle. Who knew just by emptying her pool she would have even more fun. I kinda find it funny that she is holding up her dress so she wouldn't get it dirty. I just love that little dash of prissy she shows every so often.

Cleaning the mud and grass off afterwards.


Messy Masterpieces

Sunday after all this cold weather we had been having Natalie was beyond bored. So we went to our "go to" activity, painting. The child could sit for hours probably making her messes masterpieces. She thought she'd hit pay dirt when I pulled out one of Byron's old presentation tablets from the office and let her go to town on it.

And I just want to note that I think Nat has stopped sucking her thumb! And all by herself I might add. Byron and I had not been pushing the issue but we noticed last week that at bedtime she no longer went to town on the thing like usual. I asked her teacher about it and she did say that when she painted their nails the other day she made sure to mention that they shouldn't put their fingers in the mouths and mess up their nails. Well that was right up Ms. Nat's alley, heaven forbid if her nails chips :) BUT the icing on the cake might have been her BFF Ana Claire. According to Mrs. Diane Nat started sucking her thumb at the table one day and Ana Claire (a sassy little thing) told Nat that "only babies suck their thumbs." Mrs. Diane said Nat didn't miss a beat and told Ana "I no baby!" and from that day on has been very aware of putting her fingers/thumb in her mouth. THANK YOU ANA CLAIRE!

So we will see if it last, or if she regresses when baby sister gets here but I sure hope so. Might save us some orthodontic bills in the future! As for the pink blanket, she may be moving off to college with that thing..LOL


Little Diva

Found this on the camera and thought I'd share.

Don't be surprised if I report a broken leg in a few weeks since these "heels" are her new favorite accessory.


Easter Weekend

Nat was out of school Friday for Good Friday so we kicked off our Easter weekend with some egg coloring. It also helped to pass the time before Big Big and Grammie arrived. We only colored a half dozen but that was enough to satisfy Nat and I didn't feel like I was wasting a bunch of eggs. They turned out really nice.

We had to have a picture with each colored egg, this one turned out the best.

We also celebrated Uncle Nate's birthday. I baked Nan's Crazy Cake for him (it was  tad dry) and Nat sang Happy Birthday to him before they blew out his candles. 

Finally Easter Sunday the Bunny came and boy did he hit a home run! Nat was delighted to find Nerds and Doritos in her basket. Kind of random, but I wouldn't expect anything less.

Monday was very bittersweet. Pretty sure Nat, Grammie & I were all in tears by the time they left. We sulked around the house a bit before we decided some fun in the sun was in order. Nothing like working on your tan and blowing bubbles for Mulligan to cheer a girl up.


Oh No You Didn't

Oh yes we did! No April Fool's joke here, we busted out the pool Sunday afternoon. We were just going to play in a bucket of water until we realized Mulligan had chewed some hole in the bottom of it. To see Nat's face and hear her scream when I drug it out was priceless!

We quickly went from fully clothed, bathing suit (only because she asked) to stark naked.

When she asked for her bathing suit I was a little confused. The child loves to be naked but before I could run in and get it she had already shucked her panties and shorts and was working hard on her shirt.

Modeling her 'kini.

Was it cold? I think this face says it all...