Easter Weekend

Nat was out of school Friday for Good Friday so we kicked off our Easter weekend with some egg coloring. It also helped to pass the time before Big Big and Grammie arrived. We only colored a half dozen but that was enough to satisfy Nat and I didn't feel like I was wasting a bunch of eggs. They turned out really nice.

We had to have a picture with each colored egg, this one turned out the best.

We also celebrated Uncle Nate's birthday. I baked Nan's Crazy Cake for him (it was  tad dry) and Nat sang Happy Birthday to him before they blew out his candles. 

Finally Easter Sunday the Bunny came and boy did he hit a home run! Nat was delighted to find Nerds and Doritos in her basket. Kind of random, but I wouldn't expect anything less.

Monday was very bittersweet. Pretty sure Nat, Grammie & I were all in tears by the time they left. We sulked around the house a bit before we decided some fun in the sun was in order. Nothing like working on your tan and blowing bubbles for Mulligan to cheer a girl up.

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