Splash Pad Sunday

Natalie and I went out Sunday to a new place in Brandon called the Shiloh Splash Pad. I came across them on Facebook and thought it might be a fun little outing for my water-bug. Boy did I hit the nail on the head, she LOVED it! She even made friends with a little girl there close to her age.

It's a nice little park for young kids to splash around and cool off in the MS heat. They had a small frog slide, tons of sprinklers in the ground, water guns and a huge bucket that dumps water every 10 minutes or so. I would love to take her Kaitlyn back one of these days.

The big dump bucket that the kids literally sit down and wait for. We skipped this. Natalie's not a fan of dumping water over head.

She held on to these and sang ring around the rosies to it.

This is where we'd count to 3 and run real quick.

The frog slide. It took her a few attempts not to be scared of it, but she got the hang of it. She even gave one little boy who wouldn't go a piece of her mind. She started jabbering and pointing her finger at him. I thought his mom and myself were going to die from laughing so hard.

This expression is just priceless...pure amazement.

And it never failed, this gator would stop squirting water every time she sat on it. Everything is on timers and I guess our timing was off.


Father's Day

We went home for Father's Day this year so Byron could play in a golf tournament with his Dad. I don't think they won anything in their flight, but Byron did get closet to pin. It was a nice weekend with Big Daddy and PaPaw too.

Natalie (and I) made Byron and the Grandpas little brag books that spelled out Daddy, Big Daddy and PaPaw. Each one has special quotes and pictures in it. (Big Daddy even got a little teary-eyed on us) I also updated Byron's frame with new DAD photos like last year.

First shot, not bad. She's sitting still and smiling. Then she's over it. Maybe she doesn't like the letter A, but this was the best we could do. Typical Nat. One happy, one so-so and one photo screaming her head off.

Photo books.


Natalie's First Haircut

We waited 17 long months for this day and she really only needed a trim, but it was starting to get down in her eyes and tickle her ears. I had tried to do it myself, but that's not something I would recommend :) It was really blunt and wouldn't lay right.

So Mom and I took Nat too Mary Ethel, the same woman who cut my hair when I was little up until college. She did really well considering she had been up since 5:45 that morning with no nap. She was a little unsure of some stranger touching her, but it wasn't anything a big ole sucker and some Smarties couldn't cure.

Much better...


17 Months & R-O-T-T-E-N!

See what I mean? Look at that face...pure MEANNESS :)

At 17 Months, this is what Natalie has been up too:
• I think she's broken into the 22lbs range (barely)
• She still has no butt and could probably wear 9month clothes, if high waters were in style. Lucky for us it's time to wear shorts and dresses, but come Fall we may have a problem.
• She still wears Size 3 diapers and I don't see us moving up anytime soon. Kody and Jackson also wear this size who are 7months and 10months, respectively.
• We now have 11 teeth. Top four, bottom four and 3 molars (with one on the way).
• She had her first busted lip over the weekend.
• She will eat just about anything under the sun, even if it's a little spicy. Favorites right now are grapes, corn, ham, and of course, goldfish.
• Being outside is second nature to her. She doesn't care if it's 100+ outside and I have to sit out there with her. And if there's the slightest bit of water puddled ANYWHERE she will find it.
• Her vocabulary is getting better. She'll say MaMa now, No No, Uh-Oh, Nas (nose), Ashes (from ring-around-the-rosie), Shoes and others on her own terms. And even though she knows darn good and well who Mulligan is she still calls him Bubbles.
• She has a new found interest in her belly button, she'll also point to her nose and eyes.
• She's still a dancing fool, loves to make her "mean" face, walk around in our shoes, talk on the phone, wrestle the dogs and help me put on makeup in the mornings.
• She loves to try and jump. I think she's even trying to count to 3 before she does it.

She really is becoming such a fun little person. Byron and I just laugh at her all the time because she's so silly.

Wrestling with Daddy.

Maybe the next great soccer player??

17 Months


The Zoo Has Landed In My Backyard

For Natalie's birthday, Aunt Rosie got her this pool/splash thing, and with it being June in Mississippi, it's more than warm enough for it. It's three separate pieces that attach to one another. The alligator is a pool, the elephant a sprinkler and then there's a giraffe that also has a sprinkler on it. However my camera was going dead and these were the only two pictures Byron managed to get before it stopped. But don't worry I see this being an every weekend thing for us until about September :)

Flowood Festival

Saturday evening we went the Flowood Festival. They had age appropriate activities for all the kids, a free concert and lots of food vendors. We took Nat around 6 or so, when it wasn't smoldering hot, and she made a mad dash towards the animals.

She got to ride her first pony, pet a few goats, rabbits and ducks and jump in a bounce house. She even busted a move to an Eagles Cover Band over by the Fire Department booth before we left to eat dinner.

This is her "Are you sure about this Mom?" look.

Then I couldn't get her off. She actually squealed at me when I got her down. And she had to touch and/or kiss all the horses as we walked off.

It was hard to get her out of here. Luckily I didn't have to climb in though.


Where's Natalie?

We had to change after our little impromptu swim party and I had forgotten about this little night gown Angie and Amy had gotten her. It's a little snug to get over her head but so cute.

Then she took off to her usual hideaway. There's one spot in our landscaping that we really need to fill with something, but the dogs are always running through there and it's hard to keep plants alive. Plus Natalie had taking a liking to this spot. It's like she's playing hide and seek with us or something.

Time to Drag Out the Pool

People may think when I say Natalie is a little water bug I'm exaggerating, but I'm really not. We left the Mexican restaurant the other night after a it had rained and she finds the biggest puddle in the parking lot and begins to jump in it. And this was after she tried to dip her toes in the wishing fountain. I swear if there is the slightest bit of water around, that's where you'll find her.

Exhibit A: Obviously she' learned this from the dogs. Don't worry she didn't actually drink any of it.

Exhibit B: She was hell bent on playing in the water, so I broke down and drug out her kiddie pool.

She couldn't even wait for it to fill up, much less get warm before she was kicking around in it.