17 Months & R-O-T-T-E-N!

See what I mean? Look at that face...pure MEANNESS :)

At 17 Months, this is what Natalie has been up too:
• I think she's broken into the 22lbs range (barely)
• She still has no butt and could probably wear 9month clothes, if high waters were in style. Lucky for us it's time to wear shorts and dresses, but come Fall we may have a problem.
• She still wears Size 3 diapers and I don't see us moving up anytime soon. Kody and Jackson also wear this size who are 7months and 10months, respectively.
• We now have 11 teeth. Top four, bottom four and 3 molars (with one on the way).
• She had her first busted lip over the weekend.
• She will eat just about anything under the sun, even if it's a little spicy. Favorites right now are grapes, corn, ham, and of course, goldfish.
• Being outside is second nature to her. She doesn't care if it's 100+ outside and I have to sit out there with her. And if there's the slightest bit of water puddled ANYWHERE she will find it.
• Her vocabulary is getting better. She'll say MaMa now, No No, Uh-Oh, Nas (nose), Ashes (from ring-around-the-rosie), Shoes and others on her own terms. And even though she knows darn good and well who Mulligan is she still calls him Bubbles.
• She has a new found interest in her belly button, she'll also point to her nose and eyes.
• She's still a dancing fool, loves to make her "mean" face, walk around in our shoes, talk on the phone, wrestle the dogs and help me put on makeup in the mornings.
• She loves to try and jump. I think she's even trying to count to 3 before she does it.

She really is becoming such a fun little person. Byron and I just laugh at her all the time because she's so silly.

Wrestling with Daddy.

Maybe the next great soccer player??

17 Months


Amy said...

Oh My.. What a face!! I love it.
Too Cute. I need a big picture of this one. I'll print it off at school. You need to teach her to say Amy...LOL Or how about Go Big Blue... that way she'll have it down by the time the season rolls around. Love you guys!!

Amy said...

Hey I saved the pic for my background... I love it!

Flossie said...

I love the updates on Natalie! She looks so much like you! And the soccer picture is adorable--she's so focused. Sounds like she's a really cool little kid.

Julia said...

Thanks to both of you. She's definitely my child..LOL

Amy we're working hard on the John Wall Dance :) But she will pump her fists to GO BIG BLUE!!