Zippity Do-Dah Carnival

Yeah it was a bust. It was a benefit for the Children's Hospital and we thought it would be fun to take Nat (during her nap time). Mistake number 1. The things she could do, she didn't want to do. The things she was still just a little to small small for, she couldn't but wanted to do. She was just an overall grumpy butt, so home we went. Maybe next year. I mean all these things are new to Byron and me, and are completely trial and error on our part.

She did enjoy the bubble pool, even tried to take a dip in it. And or course the bouce slide is always a hit with her. There were just so many kids and Nat's not one for standing in line and waiting her turn. I have absolutely no idea where she get's that from :)

This sums up our morning, Zippity. Flippin'. Do. Mom.

She did have a blast however down at the neighbors house that afternoon (after a 3 hour nap). They rented a bounce house and slide for their son's birthday and let's just say we were dragging her home at sunset. She looked like a little orphan with little black feet from being barefoot all day and sucker all down her shirt. But that means it was good day right? At least in the eyes of a child? She even had pizza for dinner. If we hadn't made her take a bath I'd say she would call that THE perfect day :) (And yes, we are back to boycotting bath time. I have to bribe her with chocolate most nights)

But first she helped me clean off our pollen covered patio. She's a good little helper. She carried her sponge and bucket to each and every chair and helped wipe them down.


Lunch for Two

That's not really what Natalie had planned. She wanted to each her lunch by herself, in her playhouse w/o interruption from nosy dogs looking for her to drop something. Well she should just know better by now. Bogey and Mulligan go into shadow mode these days now that Nat likes to take her food outside, either at her table and chairs or in her playhouse. Byron caught Mulligan getting an ear full and a swift push in the rear from Nat for getting a little to close to her plate.

Finally enjoying her lunch without any four-legged interruptions.


We Have Sand

Earlier today Byron took Natalie to get sand for her sandbox. He then calls me to tell me to check my email. I love it when he does this because it means he's sent me a photo of something silly my child has done. This is the photo in my inbox... I think she's pretending to be on the beach.

Umm, Yummy!

Byron and I have been trying to eat better and exercise a lot more. Many mornings we just have a protein smoothie, which Natalie loves. So this morning Daddy made her a little mini version, minus the protein. She thought she was hot stuff with her glass and straw. She kept saying "umm, yummy. Thanks daddy."


Going to the Big D

We met up with all the girls from Texas again this year. We even had a few secret guest fly in for it. Nat had a blast with all the kiddos, I enjoyed actually putting some new faces with the ladies I hadn't seen before and Ang kept us all well fed for the entire weekend. Nat did great on the both car rides, but about 45 minutes from home, on the way back, she kept saying "daddy, now."

Nat hanging out in Collin's bouncy. It's the exact same one we have at home. Oddly enough she still fits but her legs are a little long.

The whole gang minus two hubbies, Ike and Collin. Front row: Me & Nat, Angela & Connor, Brandii & Blaike, Hilary & Mateo, Kim & Kyndall. Back Row: Karen & Ty, Ali, Brittni & Ben, Heidi & Jace, Andy, Stacy & Gabby, Ellen, Jasmine & Kevin.

Two things Nat LOVED - the cozy coupe and the bounce house.

Blaike and Natalie helped Ali take down the bounce so they could set up the sprinkler.

Karen made homemade ice cream for everyone. I'm pretty sure Nat ate at least two cups.

Time to get wet! I must say Blaike, Kyndall & Natalie were the three amigos of the sprinkler. If one did something the other two just had to follow suit. Of course they all to imitate the "big" girls too, and let me just say Ellen girls were so sweet and patience with them.

Natalie decided to put on a little show after she got into her bathing suit. She twirled, put her hand on hip and strutted her stuff like she owned the joint. I wish we could have gotten it on film, but this picture will have to do.

Warming the girls back up.

Giving Connor's coupe a new paint job.

She didn't understand why Andy wouldn't let her take the potato chips :) We're working on the sharing concept.

Just about to crash but not before one more go round on the slide.

Finally home and back to her old tricks with Bogey. Thank you Stacy for letting us stay at your place and Angela for putting up with all of us under your roof and feeding us all weekend. We can't wait to do it all again next year.


St. Paddy's Day

It just so happened that Natalie got her sandbox today, minus the sand. I finally found one at Toys R Us and hauled it home after work. She immediately started using it as a jungle gym.

She's light enough that she didn't even put a dent in the plastic lid.

Ready. Set. Jump!

Testing out the inside.


Could Spring be in the Air?

Oh I hope so. This weekend was amazing. Warm, sunny, perfect breeze. Heck Nat even got to go sans jacket and break out a tank top all in the same weekend! We spent almost every ounce of daylight outside with the exception of the UK games. Our yard needed a major overhaul. So Byron and I weeded, trimmed crape myrtles, mowed and raked the yard, all while entertaining a 2 year old.
So as promised from my leave of absence the last week and a half, an overload of Natalie pictures. She got a new soccer ball from our trip to Wally world Saturday night. Enjoy...

Goofy Nat

Not a baby anymore :(

Sunday morning she couldn't wait to get outside and play. She wouldn't even think about putting shoes on. She didn't realize that even though it was sunny the grass was damp. I caught her picking the tiniest pieces of grass off her feet.

When all else fails and the child gets grumpy break out something with water in it. She loves to water my mums. I really need to get her a smaller watering can, since this one probably outweighs when full of water.

This is what I caught her doing during the UK game. She came and asked for a towel. So I gave her one and went back to the living room. Then she ran in the kitchen and grabbed the whole roll and darted back out. I guess she thought she needed to clean up the patio, once tiny piece of towel at a time.