Could Spring be in the Air?

Oh I hope so. This weekend was amazing. Warm, sunny, perfect breeze. Heck Nat even got to go sans jacket and break out a tank top all in the same weekend! We spent almost every ounce of daylight outside with the exception of the UK games. Our yard needed a major overhaul. So Byron and I weeded, trimmed crape myrtles, mowed and raked the yard, all while entertaining a 2 year old.
So as promised from my leave of absence the last week and a half, an overload of Natalie pictures. She got a new soccer ball from our trip to Wally world Saturday night. Enjoy...

Goofy Nat

Not a baby anymore :(

Sunday morning she couldn't wait to get outside and play. She wouldn't even think about putting shoes on. She didn't realize that even though it was sunny the grass was damp. I caught her picking the tiniest pieces of grass off her feet.

When all else fails and the child gets grumpy break out something with water in it. She loves to water my mums. I really need to get her a smaller watering can, since this one probably outweighs when full of water.

This is what I caught her doing during the UK game. She came and asked for a towel. So I gave her one and went back to the living room. Then she ran in the kitchen and grabbed the whole roll and darted back out. I guess she thought she needed to clean up the patio, once tiny piece of towel at a time.

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Amy said...

Glad you are back Miss Natalie.. I missed you! Love you all bunches!