Christmas in Spring

It's days like today that make wonder what kind of clothes Nat will choose when she hits that "I want to dress myself" phase. She found her Christmas slippers this morning and insisted, and yes, a 14 month old can be very persistent, that she wear them. She even fell asleep during her morning nap with them on.

Pondering life's mysteries...today it's why can't we go outside?
She sat in the window like this and gave Bogey an earful until he finally lost interest and walked off.

She's even become kinda sneaky. She managed to get the bag of doritos off the end table while I was in the other room. By the time I heard her again this is where I found her, just hanging out in the kitchen, in a box top, eating jalepeno popper Doritos and water.
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.


Nat's First Egg Hunt

Natalie got to experience her first Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at the Renaissance. They had a magician, egg hunt, bunny hop race and a hula hoop contest. And even though she couldn't participate in most of it she still enjoyed the kids and atmosphere.

They basically threw a bunch of eggs into an open field that was marked off by age group. The youngest group was for 2-4 year olds but we still let Nat give it a try. She had no idea what was going on. She managed to grab two eggs, one in each hand, and was done. But it was a beautiful day for a nice little family outing that even ended with ice cream from Maggie Moo's.

So cool in her shades watching the magician.
The Bunny ears that came in her goody bag.She actually didn't mind wearing them.
Trying to be patient but getting really restless waiting.
She got her two eggs and is ready to go.
This is right after she tried to dart over to the 5-6 year old's field.


Weekend Recap

Other than the parade we didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We grilled fish Friday, while Natalie and the dogs played outside. We watched UK win and make it into the Sweet 16 Saturday night. I finally got to watch New Moon on PPV afterwards. Then Sunday all 3 of us were super lazy. I don't think we even got out of our pjs.

These are just some of the leftover pics I took. She's standing inside the blinds waiting for Byron to come in from grilling. Can you see her little feet poking out the bottom?

Watching the game with her good luck jersey on. The baby doll is one of her new favorites. She drags the poor thing everywhere.

Wrestling with Mulligan during halftime. God bless him for being so patient.

"Talking" on Byron's phone. She has a definite gift for gab.
She can go on forever.

"Do you mind? I'm on the phone."

Notice the beads? Natalie kept putting them on Mulligan. I told Byron I can see him getting to play a lot of dress up for tea parties when she's older...LOL I think he loves the attention though.


Parade & Pickles

We managed to get out to the St Paddy's Children/Pet Parade Saturday morning. Nat was pretty good the whole time. It started at 11 which is normally nap time but once we found the Children's Museum (2 miles later) she livened right up with all the kids and dogs that were around. It was really cute and next year maybe we can take Bogey and Mulligan.

The beginning of our journey around downtown Jackson. We didn't realize we were on the square where the adult parade takes place and all the PG festivities were in a completely different spot. I promise she had fun, even though her face doesn't show it.

The prettiest dog there. We'll we may partial to Golden's but this dog was gorgeous, sweet and had the biggest block head we'd ever seen.

Finally the children's parade.

Visiting Kermit before he made his way downtown to the main parade.
All tuckered out.

However she did perk back up when we stopped to eat at Mugshots. She had her first taste of Fried Pickles. I don't know what she loved more, the pickles or the sauce they are served with. It's kinda like a tangy thousand island/comeback sauce. Regardless her whole hand ended up in it before we were done. Sorry no pics of it, I was to busy doing damage control.

And this is right before we had our meltdown back home. She had been up since 8 and it was well past Noon. But she looked really cute in her little tshirt and capris, that I just had to try and get a picture. She does love the beads though. And according to Byron those better be the only bead she gets until she's at least 30..LOL.


My Little Chatterbug

Nat's newest thing is to "talk" on her phone. Her phone is this little remote that she found. She holds it up to ear and just jabbers away. Byron swears she can go for 15 minutes or longer playing this game. And what's even more funny is sometimes she holds it out to the side, like Byron and I do when we have Mom or Sue on speakerphone so she can talk to them.


Dancing Queen

Mom and Dad bought her this little Valentine devil that plays "Do You Love Me" when you press his arm. She was actually scared of it at first, but now it's her favorite dance partner. She even screams at the end like the devil does and we managed to catch it all on tape.


A Lazy Weekend

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Byron and Nat met me Friday for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings so we could watch the UK game. Nat got really frustrated when she couldn't see a big screen and didn't really want to sit still so we went to the park down the road to kill some time because it was so pretty outside. She just loves being around older kids. She just jabbers at them and tries to do what they do. She would climb up on the jungle gym, run towards me and jump into my arms. The child has no fear. We did a little shopping, grilling and tried to enjoy all the spring weather before we blink and it's summer in MS again.

She wants to be outside anytime the dogs are and will scream at the back door until you let her out.
So we just put a jacket on and let her go...

She played so hard she crashed in Byron's arms on the couch.
The next day...wrestling with her boys.
Riding on Bogey, backwards :)


Spaghetti Monster

Well in case you can't tell Nat had spaghetti tonight for dinner. She really wants to be more independent these days, especially when it comes to feeding herself. She started out using a little fork but the noodles wouldn't stick. And with patience like her momma she tossed the fork and started using her fingers.

Needless to say she went straight to the tub afterwards.

Her trademark frown

Doesn't the sauce really bring out the blue in her eyes...LOL.


Sorry It's Been Awhile

Goodness I can't believe it's almost been two weeks since my last post. Sorry about that. But honestly we haven't been up to much except trying to survive this second round of teeth coming in. We've been playing outside more now that weather is cooperating. We tried to take Nat to the park but she still isn't a fan of the swings. She's just too little to really fit in it by herself.
Mom and Dad came down this past weekend. We needed some relief and a date night and they were in desperate need of a Natalie fix :) I don't know who was more tired when they left Monday, but they wore Nat out all weekend. She pretty much lived outside all day, learning to step out the back door and off the patio. After all that fresh air she literally passed out in Mom's lap Saturday night and Byron's on Sunday.

But now it's back to reality. She was pretty mad when they left yesterday morning. She screamed at the garage door, literally, until we took her in her room where she instantly crashed probably before Mom and Dad got out of the subdivision. Thanks for a great weekend!

Here are some random pictures from the last week or so.

This was Dad's attempt to get a picture of Mom and Nat.

After a trip to the dog's water bowl.

This is something new she enjoys doing. Taking a piece (or the whole roll) of toilet paper and tearing into the tiniest pieces imaginable.