Parade & Pickles

We managed to get out to the St Paddy's Children/Pet Parade Saturday morning. Nat was pretty good the whole time. It started at 11 which is normally nap time but once we found the Children's Museum (2 miles later) she livened right up with all the kids and dogs that were around. It was really cute and next year maybe we can take Bogey and Mulligan.

The beginning of our journey around downtown Jackson. We didn't realize we were on the square where the adult parade takes place and all the PG festivities were in a completely different spot. I promise she had fun, even though her face doesn't show it.

The prettiest dog there. We'll we may partial to Golden's but this dog was gorgeous, sweet and had the biggest block head we'd ever seen.

Finally the children's parade.

Visiting Kermit before he made his way downtown to the main parade.
All tuckered out.

However she did perk back up when we stopped to eat at Mugshots. She had her first taste of Fried Pickles. I don't know what she loved more, the pickles or the sauce they are served with. It's kinda like a tangy thousand island/comeback sauce. Regardless her whole hand ended up in it before we were done. Sorry no pics of it, I was to busy doing damage control.

And this is right before we had our meltdown back home. She had been up since 8 and it was well past Noon. But she looked really cute in her little tshirt and capris, that I just had to try and get a picture. She does love the beads though. And according to Byron those better be the only bead she gets until she's at least 30..LOL.

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