Nat's First Egg Hunt

Natalie got to experience her first Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at the Renaissance. They had a magician, egg hunt, bunny hop race and a hula hoop contest. And even though she couldn't participate in most of it she still enjoyed the kids and atmosphere.

They basically threw a bunch of eggs into an open field that was marked off by age group. The youngest group was for 2-4 year olds but we still let Nat give it a try. She had no idea what was going on. She managed to grab two eggs, one in each hand, and was done. But it was a beautiful day for a nice little family outing that even ended with ice cream from Maggie Moo's.

So cool in her shades watching the magician.
The Bunny ears that came in her goody bag.She actually didn't mind wearing them.
Trying to be patient but getting really restless waiting.
She got her two eggs and is ready to go.
This is right after she tried to dart over to the 5-6 year old's field.


Flossie said...

How fun! Looks like Byron's standard weekend attire is identical to Shawn's--gym shorts & a t-shirt. Except Shawn's is always sporting the UK logo. :)

Julia said...

He actually had on a UK pullover but it was way to warm for it :) I think they would get along like two peas in a pod.