Christmas in Spring

It's days like today that make wonder what kind of clothes Nat will choose when she hits that "I want to dress myself" phase. She found her Christmas slippers this morning and insisted, and yes, a 14 month old can be very persistent, that she wear them. She even fell asleep during her morning nap with them on.

Pondering life's mysteries...today it's why can't we go outside?
She sat in the window like this and gave Bogey an earful until he finally lost interest and walked off.

She's even become kinda sneaky. She managed to get the bag of doritos off the end table while I was in the other room. By the time I heard her again this is where I found her, just hanging out in the kitchen, in a box top, eating jalepeno popper Doritos and water.
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.


Angie said...

Glad she is still liking her Christmas slippers even though it is spring!

Julia said...

Yes they provided hours of entertainment yesterday :)