Good Friday

We kicked off our Easter weekend with a trip home to KY. We drove in Thursday night and spent most of Friday with Vann and Sue. The boys went golfing while we played outside by the little pond and did a little shopping. Nat got a little tent and tunnel for Easter. Then we met up with them for a late lunch at the Mexican restaurant.

Nat playing outside by the little fish pond.

Hanging out with Bogey, or "Bog" as Nat calls him, and Nana.

Later that evening we went over to Aunt Karla's for a fish fry. Of course Nat loved it all - fish, fries, onion rings, but only with LOTS of ketchup.

Playing her own version of cornhole. 3 POINTS!

Kody, 5 months

Nat managed to get Pepsi all over her outfit (Grammie) so she had to borrow Kody's pajamas. They fit her like a glove :)

Jackson playing pat-a-cake, 7 months.

Time to color some eggs. Brady and Karly did most of the coloring. Something about cups full of dye and a 1 year old made me nervous. So Nat got to put stickers on some of them. Honestly she didn't know the difference, she just likes to be with the "big" kids.

The best group shot we could manage :)

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