Sunny Saturday

Saturday we had planned on visiting Nan and Granddaddy that morning, but little miss decided to take a two hour nap. So we were a little late, but they didn't mind. Nan had bought her a little Easter basket filled with bubbles, candy, toys and a little stuffed duck that quacks if you squeeze its belly.

We came home for a bit to get ready for our Easter dinner at Karla's. Since we were heading back Sunday afternoon we did our family dinner on Saturday. It was so good. Turkey, ribs and all the fixins. People can't believe Nat only weighs about 21lbs with all the food she can put away!

Playing outside with Grammie, trying out her new sidewalk chalk from the Easter bunny.

Check out her hair just a blowing in the wind.

Wonder what this would taste like....?

This is something new she's doing. If she falls down she just lays there, usually to see if anyone is watching her. Most of the time if I act like I didn't see her she'll just get up and shrug it off. Can we say Drama Queen???

We finally made it over to Karla's. Grammie pushing Nat in the swing. She actually likes this one. I think Grammie pushed her for a good 30 minutes and she almost fell asleep.

Nate and Lynnley

Time for the egg hunt. Nat ended up with two, just like last time and was content :)

Brady and Dad counting his millions..LOL

And poor Danny trying his hardest to find a four-leaf clover. I think Nate ended up finding 4-four leafs and 2-five leaf clovers.


Flossie said...

It cracks me up how serious she looks! I love her expressions!

Julia said...

Nan said the same thing. She says you can tell when she's trying to figure out something or someone new. It's written all over her face.